Mysterious Ancient Stone in half

An ancient stone, mysteriously cut in halfA photo from open sources

In Saudi Arabia, 220 kilometers southeast of the city Tabuk in the province of the same name is the oasis of Tayma (relatively flat plain on the western edge of the Al Nafud desert) which famous all over the world with the amazing stone Al Naslaa (Al Naslaa) The amazing thing is that it is divided into two halves, very evenly, like a giant fantastic “cutter”.

This megalith was discovered in 1883 by Charles Hoover (Charles Huver), and since then among the researchers of antiquities do not stop disputes, who and how could make this “stone cut”.

A photo from open sources

Orthodox science naturally tends to the natural the formation of this unique megalith. The fact is that his halves stand on small stone foundations that time could shift supposedly in height, which made this huge boulder crack. Theory, in general, at a glance believable, but it has weaknesses:

  • firstly, this “fault” is too smooth for the natural, nature, as a rule, does not like perfect geometric shapes and lines;
  • secondly, according to geologists, the alleged “split” is across the layers in the stone, which is simply impossible in principle;
  • thirdly, after the “break”, pay attention (see pictures), the halves of the stone have not shifted relative to each other, which contrary to the very idea of ​​displacement of the supports in height. Also for so many centuries, the halves do not fail, despite their fragile supports.

A photo from open sources

Hence the conclusion: someone in ancient times (judging by the petroglyphs on a stone that represent for archaeologists for some reason where greater value than the mysterious cut, all this happened for several centuries BC) in some incredible way sawed or so evenly split this boulder. The most daring researchers even suggest that at that distant time (petroglyphs on this boulder, most likely, were plotted much later) someone cut the stone with a laser. It’s not hard to guess who.

A photo from open sources

However, near (it is imperceptible in the photographs) it can be seen that the edges the faults are not perfectly smooth, there are no swaths that the laser leaves, therefore talk about the fantastic stone cutters of antiquity with their extraterrestrial technology is probably not worth it.

However, it remains a mystery how the ancient inhabitants of this region (a scientists have already proved that people have lived here for centuries, since the place at that time was favorable for life and rural farms) were able to still split this huge boulder, and so exactly? And most importantly, for what purpose? Not in order to to baffle and surprise us – our descendants? ..

A photo from open sources

As for the surprise of modern people, it’s the ancients, apparently, turned out one hundred percent, did they want this or not. The fact is, look at the fantastic megalith in Saudi Arabia is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. Of course, not only on it, in the country there are a lot of other attractions, and yet the Al Naslaa stone is a real highlight of Saudi Arabia …

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