Mysterious and creepy death temple in Malta

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In many parts of the world, scientists periodically discover mysterious catacombs and caves belonging to cultures sunk into civilizations that are important sources of information about Ancient world. However, finds are sometimes made that plague to the bewilderment of the most seasoned archaeologists. One of these discoveries was Hal Saflieni – hypogee (megalithic underground sanctuary) in the city of Paola, Republic of Malta.

Maltese Underground Temple

The name of this ancient monument is translated as “Temple of Death”, and scientists gave him hypoghea by no means for nothing. Underground the building was completely accidentally found here in 1902, when local workers were repairing the water supply in the center Paola and suddenly failed in one of the halls of the sanctuary. Maltese they didn’t even suspect that they had discovered in this way the most valuable historical monument, once a sacred place for them ancestors.

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Workers did not notify anyone about their find and simply put construction waste into the tunnel, thus saving on its disposal. Hal Saflieni would remain a secret for everything of the world, if supernatural forces awakened in hypogee were not began to demand victims. On the eve of World War II, the city suddenly people began to disappear. The police first suggested that everything was to blame. a predator or a serial killer, however these guesses were not confirmed. But soon there were eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen how some unknown force drugged people and lured them into the catacombs under Paola.

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When information about this mysticism appeared in newspapers, Malta visited by researchers who wanted to explore the mysterious tunnels under the city. Scientists were amazed when a huge underground labyrinth with countless moves, tunnels and halls. Surprisingly, the location of all the objects in the maze is perfect coincided with Maltese ancient temples on the surface. The dungeon, one might say, was a mirror image of all terrestrial religious buildings built on an island in antiquity.

Specialists were shocked when they advanced into the maze and found in its depths the remains of the townspeople who had disappeared before. Among them were also many children. All the unfortunates died from dehydration. What made them come down here and get lost in endless underground passages – a real mystery. After so eerie detection local authorities decided to carefully guard entrance to the temple, so that no one would end his life here.

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Who built the ancient hypogeus?

Scientists suggest that Hal Saflieni was built order eight millennia ago. People of science still cannot determine what technologies were used then for the construction this breathtakingly large and complex underground complex. Proponents of alternative theories believe that the authors of the sanctuary are representatives of developed ancient civilization or even aliens.

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It is hypothesized that these catacombs were built along with the ancient Maltese temples on the surface. Each the sanctuary in the underground labyrinth was divided into an external and inner zone. Commoners had the right to visit only external areas that were easy to reach and which were just as easy to leave. Inland areas were intended exclusively for clergy, and only those who sacrificed to the gods priests could be here. Only priests knew the passage through the forbidden parts of the catacombs, and ordinary parishioners who were possessed by criminal curiosity, disappeared forever in the tunnels, unable to find a way out back.

Abnormal sounds of Hal Saflieni

Paranormal phenomena were repeatedly recorded in the catacombs under Paola. Many visitors to the maze heard inexplicable sounds. and even noticed in the darkness of the tunnels human figures with torches, dressed in ritual clothes. Scientists decide to find an explanation in such a hell of a way, they seem to have even succeeded in this. When under ground installed equipment for measuring the resonant frequency, It turned out that there is constantly heard sound with a frequency of 110 hertz.

Scientists have mimicked this sound in the laboratory and exposed him to several volunteers. It turned out that such sound waves affect a person much more than ultrasound. Each and every subject soon developed a temporary disorder of thinking. They seemed to fall into a stupor and could not even plainly communicate with researchers. In addition, in experimental strong hallucinations began.

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Specialists concluded that the ancient sanctuary was constructed so that continuous drafts form it has this sound. He brought people into a kind of state hypnosis, and the curious uninitiated who have gone too far already were not able to leave the maze. At the same time, priests could use some semblance of an ear plug (or some other devices) with to defend against paralyzing and causing hallucinations sound.

Monsters in the dungeon

In March 1949, a group of archaeologists who decided to explore a small part of the maze penetrated the dungeon and, having tied ropes, went into the depths of almost a hundred meters. So far no one climbed into hypogee neither before nor after. Scientists have discovered that The maze consists of three floors. When our heroes hit the third lower floor, a truly shocking picture appeared before them, plunged the people of science into indescribable horror.

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In huge chambers, hollowed out in the thickness of limestone, lay tens of thousands of human skeletons. Experts have determined that the remains were of different ages, as if someone collected them in a dungeon over the centuries. Of course, after such a discovery, going further was crazy. However, one researcher still decided to go through another a bit to see what is in the next chamber. Entrance to this casemate was incredibly narrow, and the woman had a relatively crawl on it for a long time. To secure it, they tied an extra the rope. Having penetrated the camera, the expert turned on the flashlight and saw who collected corpses here.

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From the other side, several anthropomorphic women looked at the woman. tall creatures with gray skin, huge toothy mouths and predatory burning eyes, vaguely reminiscent of humanoids. Alarmed by the light of the lantern, the creatures squinted, scurried nearby and tried to get close to a person. Scaring away monsters with light the archaeologist leaned back and miraculously got out in the end to her colleagues. By a fluke, or maybe, by the intent of the monsters, the entrance to them the hall fell asleep as soon as the adventurer was near the comrades.

Penetrate into the Temple of Death desperate researchers (especially all paranormal) and tried later, but to solve his secret and failed, and the locals are panicky afraid of these mystical catacombs and never descend into them, so as not to be angry “sleeping” gods or demon dungeons …


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