Mysterious and Unusual Discovered in Egypt ancient patterns on stone

A photo from open sources

Recently in Egypt, archaeologists discovered an ancient cave and one of a kind drawing depicting spiders. it the image was captured on a split rock located in the western part of Egypt. Turned face east and illuminated by the morning sun, the image is unusual and exciting sight. And although the identification depicted creatures as spiders is tentative, and the date figure – uncertain, however, based on the study rock art this drawing can be dated to approximately 4000 BC This discovery raises questions for archaeologists: why ancient Egyptians depicted spiders and why this image one of a kind? Apparently, the ancient Egyptians did not had a strong interest in these creatures and the only meeting spider – an ancient religious hieroglyph associated with magic ritual of “opening the mouth of the mummy” in order to restore earthly feelings of a deceased person for his future, afterlife. Perhaps the secret to unraveling this mystery lies in the desert itself, because it is inhabited by spiders that can survive under her scorching sun. Perhaps the ancient Egyptians were shocked by this unique ability and they decided to elevate it to a religious cult, combining the power of the sun and “solar creatures”, that is, spiders. Thus, it could well be that the spiders deserved in the eyes the Egyptians honor and respect and even acquired a mystical meaning. In addition, some species of Egyptian spiders bite people than pose a danger. Perhaps this aspect has attracted interest. ancient, and also spurred them to do rock art, with the purpose of either worshiping or scaring away these creatures. In any case, whatever the reasons for creating the cave images of spiders, the ancient Egyptians left behind something unique and amazing, letting us today enjoy these mysterious drawings.

Egypt Stones Sun

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