Mysterious artifact with old Russian text found in America, but few people know about it

A mysterious artifact with ancient Russian text was discovered in America, but few people know about itA photo from open sources

This is a stone, which in 1927 was found on its land plot near the city of Rosier (Minnesota) American D. Nelson. The pebble turned out to be quite small, only 5 centimeters in diameter, but on it was painted a face and incomprehensible inscriptions (on unfamiliar language).

The Rosier stone, as it began to be called in the scientific world, is a long US anthropologist D. Jager studied time, who came to the conclusion that this artifact is older than even the Sumerian civilization, which the world before still considered the first in the history of mankind (still 4th millennium BC). True scientist for fifteen years of study this unique pebble was not able to decipher what on it is written in it, making in the end underlying conclusion: when creating this artifact was used proto-language of human civilization, or Euro-Afro-Asian dialect.

True, the world scientific community all these findings of D. Jager skeptical. And only two professors (Geology Stoffer and Anthropology Jenkins) did not leave hope to decipher the inscription on Stone Rosier. Using chemical exposure, they decided to clean artifact from a millennial raid, thereby facilitating reading mysterious letters. But … along with the plaque, an inscription came down from the stone. Moreover, a permanently damaged pebble in 1959 without a trace apparently, the axes in some private collection disappear – forever and ever.

A photo from open sources

But, fortunately, there were still photographs of him. And by parsing them engaged in the American historian C. Paytnaud, who, as a woman, apparently, intuitively realized that the inscription on the stone is very similar to Slavic alphabet of ancient rusichs. The scientist invited a Russian V. Pakhomov’s colleague, who not only confirmed the hunch American scholar, but also translated some words and expressions that were drawn on a mysterious artifact, and Namely: we are Izyar Rus, Yar temple, lighthouse, face …

The news of this discovery immediately spread all over the world, but … who about He knows this today, and indeed he knew it before, except for a narrow circle specialists? Why did this happen? And everything is very simple explained: the global scientific community refused to acknowledge that the history of Ancient Russia is much older than the official version, moreover, most likely even older than the Sumerian civilization …

A photo from open sources

Today, faith in the discovery of K. Paytnaud and borders on something seditious, because Russia is for Western civilization, and for the United States in First of all, it has become something like a restricted area. However, if dig a story, then Russia has always been the most objectionable the state for the world elite, because it constantly confused its plans and cards aimed at unlimited domination …

It is for this reason that history has been rewritten at all times, uncomfortable artifacts are destroyed, and those that could not be “erased” from the face of the earth “in the bud or compromise later as Rosier’s stone is simply declared fakes, dummies, “sensations sucked from the finger,” and so on. But we are with you know that this is far from the case …

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