Mysterious burial

Mysterious burialA photo from open sources

Everyone knows about the origin of man from a monkey with a school benches studying Darwin’s theory. However lately on this score new looks appeared. Some believe that the ancestors of people were dinosaurs, others – that they were reptiles or even rats.

Over the past few years, archaeological finds have appeared, indicating that our ancestors may have been aliens. In different places on earth, scientists find mysterious burial places of some humanoid creatures, and this makes researchers doubt justice for a long time dominant evolutionary theory.

Burial of the Giants in Rwanda

During an expedition to the Rwandan jungle, anthropologists discovered ancient cemetery. Since this burial is not special stood out, scientists felt that once aborigines lived here. However, no evidence of their habitat was found nearby. Continuing the excavation, experts discovered a shocking find: the remains of all buried creatures clearly testified to their extraterrestrial origin.

Giant stature creatures were not too human. Swiss scientist Hugo Childs, team leader for anthropologists, concluded that these strange creatures could be space aliens killed in the accident. And buried aliens local residents. In total, two hundred bodies were found that were in the forty graves of five “people”.

A photo from open sources

It was found that these creatures had more than two meters growth and huge heads, on which there were no eye sockets, nose and oral cavity. Consequently, they communicated telepathically, and for movements used sound waves (approximately like our volatile mouse).

It has been suggested that aliens could arrive on Earth in order to connect with people to leave offspring here. By no less in the course of further work, the researchers did not find fragments of a broken UFO, not a trace of its landing. How so explain the burial of mysterious creatures? ..

Alas, there is no explanation for this phenomenon yet. One thing is clear that he deserves careful study, including conducting genetic analysis.

Alien Burial in Turkey

Another unusual find was made by Turkish cavers. They are discovered the mummy of a humanoid creature in a sarcophagus made from crystalline solid composition. The creature was male however, the growth of the mummy did not exceed 1.3 meters. Remnants of the skin were light green in color, on the sides were some outgrowths similar to wings.

A photo from open sources

For all its unusualness, the creature was more like a person, rather than an animal. At least he had “human” arms, legs, nose, lips and ears. But the eyes were very different from ours – three times the size and colorless, as if reptiles.

After a detailed study of the mummy, scientists came to truly sensational conclusion: this amazing creature … is sleeping, namely immersed in deep meditation! How is this possible and will it wake up is it ever In addition, the nature of crystalline flickering the substance of which the sarcophagus is made, modern science does not known.

The burial of dwarfs in the cave of Khebita

The Hebit Chinese cave is known to the whole world today. In her anthropologists have found burials of amazing creatures: 716 skeletons – large-headed, with huge eye sockets, with small stature (about 1.3 m) and without teeth! .. On the necks of the skeletons were stone disks with mysterious hieroglyphs. All this together confused scientists. There is, however, an assumption that on the discs set forth the history of “drop” – the oldest stunted a Chinese tribe who once lived in these places.

A photo from open sources

One of the Chinese scientists managed to decipher what is written in drives. He claims that these strange creatures once flew to Earth (about twenty thousand years ago), but their the ship crashed during landing, and therefore the aliens had to stay on our planet – they have become that mysterious tribe “drop”.

This is confirmed to some extent by the German archaeologist Walter. von Moltke, a long time studying the burial of the drop tribe. So he claims that on the foot of one of the skeletons he managed detect a trace from a surgical operation performed using … laser.

A photo from open sources

Despite the fact that, according to official theory, the tribe “drop” has long died out, in one of the most remote areas of China there is a village whose inhabitants have a maximum growth of one meter twenty centimeters. Scientists believe that aliens “drop” still had to have mixed marriages with aborigines, not by chance Among this undersized population of China, legends about stellar people who once flew to Earth on a huge aerial the ship.

Unfortunately, archaeologists, anthropologists and other scientists are not able to solve all these puzzles. Strange humanoid graves creatures remain a mystery behind seven seals. We really didn’t we know neither who they are nor where they came from on our planet, especially since they are found in almost many places, including in Russian Siberia (see video).

Perhaps the aliens are actually our ancestors, but this contrary to the established theory of the emergence and development of an animal peace on Earth, and the Darwinists will resist for a long time so that abandon their false beliefs about true evolution and the true history of modern civilization.

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