Mysterious Civilization of the Titans

The mysterious civilization of the titansA photo from open sources

According to ancient legends, myths, tales and sagas of many peoples, on the planet before there was a race of people who are their power was almost equal to the gods. This race was called the Titans. About them tell all world religions and beliefs. Is it true or fiction? Experts tend to believe that the truth. After all, how else explain what the most diverse peoples and tribes divided between themselves seas and oceans, some traditions and myths almost are literally repeated? And how to explain the striking similarity descriptions of terrible disasters that nearly destroyed our the planet? So, in Tibet and in the Scandinavian countries there are many legends about the titans. They say that the giants possessed knowledge to the level of which even modern science has not yet reached. For example, Atlas, which revealed the secrets of astronomy to people. For it him captured in the image of a strong man supporting Tiotiukan. His the layout surprisingly exactly matches the structure of the Solar system. There are two temples in it, which symbolize Uranus and Pluto, which scientists discovered only in the 20th century. According to the Old Testament, the titans appeared as a result of mixing blood, they descended from the connection of “human daughters” and “divine sons.” Besides Bibles and myths of various nations, they are mentioned in the Qur’an and in mythologized Greek history. Of the many legends about titans, you can imagine the big picture. For example, according to legend, the titans possessed amazing power. Thanks to this power in huge monuments such as Stonehenge, City appeared Gods, Egyptian Sphinx, Teotihukan and more. For example, at the base of the Baalbek terrace are three giant blocks, each weighing 700 tons. They were fitted with amazing accuracy to each other. to a friend – literally up to a millimeter. And this is unbearable a challenge even for ultra-modern construction equipment. Only for in order to move one such block, a force of 40-50 would be required thousand people. The fact that completely different peoples of the world have similar myths and legends in which giants appear cannot be coincidence. Perhaps it’s based on reliable facts, transmitted from generation to generation as a tradition of 5 meters people. In ancient historical documents various finds that also testify to the reality of existence in the distant past of the race of giants. Information about giants also contained in the books of Pausanias. It was he who wrote the story of how a human skeleton was lifted from the bottom of the river Sront, reaching in length 5.5 meters. Information about the four-meter skeleton is contained in a medieval book called History and Greed. This skeleton was found in Cumberland. The most interesting is that the skeleton had military vestments, and not far from it was found giant ax and sword. Judge E.P. West from America, living in XIX century and keen on excavations, discovered grave in the forests of Missouri barrows. Inside these burial grounds were giant human bones. For example, in one of these skeletons the lower jaw is like at least twice the size of the jaw of a person. And in Ireland in At the end of the 19th century, a mummy was discovered that was almost 4 meters tall. This the find was very publicized and watched by a huge the number of people at exhibitions in Manchester, Dublin and Liverpool. Also, near the town of Kabul in an Afghan village 5 stone figures have been preserved. One figure has normal height, the other is 6 meters tall, the third is about 18, the fourth is almost 38, and fifth 54 meters. About the origin of these statues, the locals are nothing don’t know, they only speculate that the statues are the guards protecting their village. According to tradition, on our there is not a single inhabited land area on the planet where you didn’t live before titans. Most tourists who visit the UK visit Stonehenge – a huge megalithic structure, erected from stones weighing hundreds of tons. It is located in South England. In the UK there are a number of such facilities, but much less large-scale. However, with domestic counterparts, their number is not which comparison does not go. In Adygea and Abkhazia there are more than 4 thousand dolmen complexes, and in total there are about 10 thousand. Ancient legends tell that huge megalithic structures in the Caucasus, called dolmens, were also created titans. There are a lot of legends about this. Some legends say that many centuries ago there were fierce battles – titans fought with the gods. In this battle, the giants had to build defensive stone structures that were supposed to instill in the hearts of enemies horror. Scientists are skeptical of this version, but there are evidence that people could actually be architects abnormally tall. Buildings both outside and inside, reminiscent of bunkers. It is possible that dolmens had fortification value, or maybe they were used to to conduct cult rites. The most striking is the accuracy with which the stones were fitted during the construction of dolmens. The pairing of the plates is perfect. Modern “architects” are far from always can demonstrate such a quality of work. However the most amazing is the “Lunar” dolmen on Mount Nexis, it is composed of L-shaped blocks of obviously artificial origin. how it was all this that was being built, scientists do not know. For locals dolmens are a kind of connecting link between Heaven and The earth. They come to the dolmens and, clinging to them, stand for a long time – absorb energy. So, some ancient beings possessed technology for moving huge stones, fitting them with with astonishing accuracy, their construction skills are even among the most modern experts are admirable. Those. turns out that humanity has forgotten about some great civilization that existed many thousands of years ago. And only in the traditions of different The echoes of those events are preserved. According to Paul N., a resident of the Gelendzhik district, in his village under Khrushchev archaeologists have found huge bones. They opened the medieval necropolis and found something that should not have been found. Expedition then hastily turned. The excavation was destroyed and scientists more never came to the village. These events overlap with a story that happened in another corner of the planet, on the archipelago Nan Madol. Science has known about this place since 1585, however, to give any explanation for the “venice of the pacific” scientists to this day can not. In scale, this structure is not inferior to the Egyptian the pyramids. On the coral foundations, 92 islands were manually erected. The largest of these islands rises 8 meters above the sea. The stones that make up the towers and walls weigh more than 500 tons. No one doesn’t know who and why it took millions of tons to move stone, build moorings, fortresses and break through canals. About the existence of these islands, scientists are trying to “forget.” Age stones to install is almost impossible. Traditions of the natives of Oceania they talk about some giants who built Nan Madol. Scientists relate to skeptical of this, however, despite this skepticism of these giants found. As the famous archaeologist Errich von Daniken writes, in 60s of the XX century, the American expedition of archaeologists discovered very large human bones on the island. And immediately the work was collapsed. The author claims that the bones were simply buried, and further research has stopped. Almost the same thing happened in the Caucasus. Row scientists today are ready to abandon the so-called “classical” the history of mankind, too many have accumulated contradicting it facts. These are the pyramids of Egypt, which were supposedly built by hand, and 200-ton stones Machu Picchu, 500-800-ton blocks, of which built by Baalbek. Meanwhile, the legends and legends that are the prehistoric memory of mankind is able to clarify many moments that science is not able to explain. For example, war titans and gods, which is narrated by the myths of ancient Greece. On the Caucasian dolmens are visible traces that can be compared with the tracks fingers in butter. It seems like stones exposed to high temperatures. Maybe in the midst that same mythical war?

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