Mysterious crystals of Atlantes

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Plato wrote that the Atlanteans “brought disaster upon themselves.” However, his story breaks off and does not reveal secrets. Maybe, the clairvoyant Edgar managed to solve this mystery Casey, who, entering a trance, was observing visions from a long time ago disappeared worlds. According to him, the Atlanteans owned some crystals and used them for worldly and spiritual purposes. Casey a large hall was seen in the temple of Poseidon, called the hall of light. IN it kept the main crystal of Atlantis – Tuoy, which means “fire stone”. It had a cylindrical shape and reached in several meters high. The top absorbed solar energy and accumulated it in the center. Casey claims the crystal was presented to the Atlanteans by representatives of alien civilizations who warned that you need to handle it carefully, since it powerful destructive power is enclosed. These crystals, according to Casey, were storage of solar radiation and starlight, they accumulated the Earth’s energy, their rays burned even thick walls. It is because of this Atlanta built palaces, temples and developed psychic abilities. Naturally, Casey’s statements were met skepticism but unexpectedly showed evidence by scientists. Julius Caesar, in his Notes on the Gallic War, wrote that a certain the priest-druid told him about the ancestors of the Gauls who came to Europe with “Islands of Crystal Towers”. They brought some crystals with them, which later became the sacred stones of the druids. According to legend, the glass palace, where the crystals came from, towered in the middle the sea, somewhere in the center of the Atlantic. Ships sailed past him, but those who tried to come closer died: invisible forces captured the ship, and it disappeared forever. In the Celtic Sagas inexplicable power is called the “magic web.” One of the heroes of the sagas managed to break out of the “House of Glass” and return home. It seemed to him, that he spent only three days in the palace, and in his homeland it was already whole thirty years. Such an effect on space and time could have only a huge and powerful crystal, hexagonal Tuoy, about which told Casey. As it turned out, the word “Tuoy” has linguistic parallels in the languages ​​of Maya, Aztecs, Guanches, Sumerians. All similar words mean the same thing – “burning, or fiery stone. “The Tibetan counterpart of Tuoyoya There is a legend that part of the surviving Atlanteans moved to Tibet. The peoples of Tibet preserved tradition of giant pyramids crowned with large crystals of rock crystal, which served as antennas for reception life-giving energy of the Cosmos. One of these pyramids was discovered. in Tibet during World War II by US Air Force pilot James Causman. He flew over the so-called “Death Valley”. All of a sudden, right below, I saw a pyramid. She was pure white on all sides, and on top was a huge crystal sparkling like gemstone. The crew was struck by the size of the pyramid and the inexplicable, mesmerizing beauty of the crystal. Make a landing there was no opportunity near. The arrows of the instruments seemed furious indicating the presence of a strong magnetic field. Circled the pyramid three times, Kausman safely returned to his base. Our compatriot E. Muldashev recently also discovered in Tibet huge, like a mirror, huge pyramids that left him unforgettable feeling of delight. Quartz Skull Can suggest that material widely used by masters Atlantis, was quartz – a breed frequent for volcanic soil. IN 1927 a young American who helped her father, an archaeologist F.A. Mitchell-Hedgesu, found in the ruins of Mayan buildings in Luvaatum, near the coast of the Caribbean, on the Yucatan Peninsula, skull from crystalline quartz. He was gracefully sculpted in natural magnitude, with movable lower jaw and many prisms, lenses and light tubes that give vividness to the eyes and face. Scientists from California lab examining a quartz skull under powerful microscopes, did not find scratches that would indicate that that it was carved with metal tools. Moreover, after a thorough examination of the skull they made a sensational conclusion: the skull is made in violation of all the laws of crystallography. This result could only be achieved with a laser, invented much later, or technologies completely unknown modern civilization. A quartz skull has powers the origin of which is inexplicable. Some people see around him an aura, others pick up a sweet-sour smell nearby. From time to time it seems as if the skull is making sounds like the sound of bells or barely audible choir of human voices. In his presence may to appear visions, and it has a beneficial effect on those who endowed with the gift of healing and divination. Quartz crystal contributes to meditation, influencing the energy radiated mental waves. Similar items carefully crafted from quartz crystals probably helped the Atlanteans achieve increased receptivity and sensitivity when contemplating one’s own place in The universe. These and similar facts suggest that Atlantes crystals retained their energy effect and the main crystal of Atlantis Tuoy is in working condition, resting at great depths in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. * * * Masters need to have special crystals that encoded and belong on the subtle plane to a specific person. Amethyst and fluorite crystals work especially well. Master Crystal works while you are alive. Fluorite has a natural the shape of the crystal is double pyramids, a special power is hidden in it. Atlanta knew the secrets of coding their libraries into these crystals and the hour is not far off when a modern person can decode so valuable information and use it. On their own these crystals carry tremendous strength and energy. Fluorite – stone, with which you can work at different levels, and so it is the structure of the double pyramid that makes it universal. The huge pyramids on earth have the same structure, and the invisible to our eyes, the peak belongs to another time – space. Fluorite activates the right hemisphere and is the most powerful stone with lilac-violet radiation. An impulse always comes from him, which God sends. For many years, crystals have served an effective tool for establishing channels of communication with the divine entities or with a higher self for answers, insights, and improving personal growth and spiritual development. Excerpt from the book of the Forerunner Human, a symbol of Knowledge, an image of Unity and likeness of the Universe. What was born is what descendants will call a pyramid. But few will think o The essence of the form of this structure. After the Soul there was earthlings a likeness of this. So as in those days, open hearts were. And the realization was that created. And the Atlanteans came to look at this creation. And asked permission from the Tsar of the state of having the same temples built at home. And permission was given to it. And the construction of the Temples was begun Similarities in many places of both empires. Upon completion of construction the main temples was the appearance of the messenger of the Creator in both states. And he was told that this was a good thing. And grace The Creator descended to Earth in the form of two crystals. Small crystal to the first pyramid, for giving it unselfishly. And given to them for it. A large crystal to the Atlanteans. For what they saw, the knee bowed, took and increased. And through the crystals, these bonds passed with all Worlds Subtle and parallel. Were transmitted through them great knowledge. Only seven faces were closed before time. And every priest could work with a crystal. But only with that the edge into which he could enter in accordance with his knowledge, thoughts and deeds. An egregor is also locked on the crystal state. And the development went on in all plans … After three thousand years after the events described, both states entered the Golden Age. it there was a time of harmony and prosperity. Technologies have been brought to such a state that the priests no longer just received and transmitted information through the crystal, but were able to open one of seven closed crystal faces. And, thanks to this, they could move their material bodies in parallel dimensions. And there was thus the door to the “World of the Dark Realms” is open. And great was the amazement from seen. For there the king ruled with a sect of priests, and his power was limitless. He enslaved other nations. And he delighted his flesh. AND I didn’t know the measures. And the priests returned. And told about this to others. And the seed of evil began to spread with the speed of thought. Seen not to forget. And it came to the point that the relationship between collapsed by states. Thanks to their common efforts, it was destroyed and bond between crystals. And the explosion shook the Earth. And the waves marine reared. And the whole planet trembled from this. Disaster was such that new mountains rose, and the old ones went underground. But not the Earth completely changed its face. This was the first warning. about impending disaster. But in a different way it was perceived by the Atlanteans. “We did it,” they said. “And if you want to turn the whole Earth “…

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