Mysterious discovered in the Cheops pyramid emptiness

In the pyramid of Cheops discovered a mysterious voidPhoto from open sources

An international team of scientists said they discovered in the Great Giza pyramid mysterious void that may turn out to be nobody not previously seen by the camera.

For two years, specialists studied the ancient monument, using muography – a technology for shooting in which scanning density of structures is achieved due to cosmic radiation. Researchers suspected hiding in Cheops pyramid cavities not known to us, and did not fail.

The Void Found by Egyptian, French and Japanese scientists, has a length of about 30 meters and is located above the Big gallery – the most striking of all internal moves the pyramids.

Scientists say:

We do not know if this has a large empty space. horizontal or inclined view. We do not know if it is educated. one design or several consecutive structures. But we can say with accuracy that this cavity exists inside pyramids and that it is very impressive. No one before assumed that something similar would be here. Maybe this space left here to protect the narrow roof of the Big galleries on the weight of the pyramid. Now we are trying to determine what located inside the intended premises as it was built and what function performs.

People of science do not exclude that there may be a camera inside, filled with ancient treasures or containing someone’s remains. Specialists intend to obtain permission from the Egyptian government drill a tiny hole in the Cheops pyramid and run there miniature remotely controlled robot that will hold initial examination of the cavity found.


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