Mysterious finds of Elias Sotomayor: the oldest globe and others

A large treasure of ancient artifacts was discovered the expedition led by Elias Sotomayor in 1984. IN the Ecuadorian mountain range of La Mana, in a tunnel deeper than ninety meters were found 300 stone products. Accurate the age of the finds is currently not determined possible. However, it is already known that they do not belong to any of famous cultures of this region. Symbols and signs carved on stone, clearly refer to Sanskrit, but not to its later version, but rather early. A number of scholars have identified this language as great Sanskrit.

Prior to the discovery of Sotomayor, Sanskrit was never associated with the American continent, rather, it was attributed to the cultures of Europe, Asia and North Africa. For example, it is believed that ancient Egyptian writing is built on its basis. Now scientists conducting various scientific parallels trying to “connect” these centers of culture and find out the origin of the mysterious treasure.

A pyramid with an eye and a stone were found in the finds. cobra

The mysterious finds of Elias Sotomayor: the oldest globe and othersA photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

The distance from La Mana to Giza is 0.3 from the circumference of the Earth. The words La Mana itself are not typical of places where the array located, no meaning in local languages ​​and dialects does not bear. But in Sanskrit, “mana” means the mind, meaning the mind. Scientists suggest that the name of the area went to living now in her nationalities from their predecessors, possibly caught to America from Asia.

Unusual for central America and the finds themselves. For all the similarities of the American and Egyptian pyramids, they have a number significant technical differences. Discovered by the expedition Sotomayora stone pyramid is most reminiscent of its shape huge pyramids in giza.

Fancy items

A photo from open sources

But this is not the end of her riddles. On the pyramid are cut down rows of masonry number thirteen. In its upper part is applied the image of an open eye, or, in a mystical tradition, the all-seeing eye. So the pyramid found in La Mana, is an accurate depiction of the Masonic sign, known more parts of humanity thanks to a one-dollar bill.

Another astounding find of the Sotomayor expedition is royal art made with great stone art cobras. And the point is not even in the high level of art of the ancients artisans. Everything is much more mysterious, because the king cobra in America is not found. Its habitat is tropical rainforests. India.

However, the quality of its image does not leave the slightest doubt that the artist personally saw this snake. Thus, either an object with the image of a snake applied to it, or its author were supposed to move from Asia to America across the ocean to ancient times, when for this, it is believed, no means did not exist. Riddles multiply.

A photo from open sources

Perhaps the third tremendous find will be able to prompt the answer Sotomayora. In the La Mana tunnel, one of the oldest Earth globes, also stone. On a far from perfect ball, on the manufacture of which, perhaps, the master simply spared efforts, but rounded, boulder painted with familiar from school times images continents.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

But even non-specialists are immediately struck by the differences. If the outlines of Italy, Greece, the Persian Gulf, the Dead Sea and India is little different from modern, then from the coast of Southeast Asia towards America, the planet looks very different. Huge land masses are depicted where only the vast sea.

The Caribbean Islands and the Florida Peninsula are generally absent. A little bit below the equator in the Pacific Ocean is a gigantic island, approximately equal in size to modern Madagascar. Modern japan enters a giant continent, extending to the shores of America and far extending south.

Perhaps this is the legendary mainland Mu, whose existence in the most ancient times suggested by the Japanese scientist M. Kimura. Subsequently, as he claimed, this mainland sank to the bottom ocean, similar to that described by Plato Atlantis. However, a number of scientists suggests that it was Mu who described Plato under the name Atlantis. The presence of this mainland makes the journey from Asia to America in ancient times from an event impossible in a completely feasible and possibly routine.

The genetic ties of the Indians of America and Asians have long been proven, and the presence in ancient times of a continent connecting these parts of the world is quite able to explain their origin. It remains to add that the find in La Mana, apparently, is the oldest map of the world, and its estimated age is at least 12,000 years.

No less interesting are other findings of Sotomayor. In particular, found a “service” of thirteen bowls. Twelve of them have perfectly equal volume, and the thirteenth is much larger. If fill 12 small bowls with liquid to the brim, and then drain them into large, then it will be filled to the brim. All bowls are made from jade. The purity of their processing suggests the presence of ancient stone processing technology similar to modern a lathe.

A photo from open sources

Almost all of Sotomayor’s findings glow in the ultraviolet. And then on some of them, colorful images of stars appear, and more precisely, the constellation Orion, the star Aldebaran and the twin stars Castor and Pollux. Why this area of ​​the sky attracted attention ancient masters, it remains only to speculate.


A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A number of finds depict convergent circles, clearly associated with Sanskrit representations of the mandala. Interesting, that this view became practically unchanged in the Indian ideas about the structure of the world. “Everything an Indian does is in a circle because it is the Power of the World. Everything happens in circles and everything trying to be round … Everything that the Power of the World does is done in circle “- said the famous Indian leader Black in 1863 Elk.

While the findings made by Sotomayor raise more questions, than give answers. But they once again confirm the thesis that that our information about the history of the Earth and humanity is still very far from perfection.

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