Mysterious granite figurine

Mysterious figurine made of granitePhotos from open sources of

This strange in many respects figurine in the form of human-bird was recently found in museum reserves of Greece. Her age is more than seven thousand years.

In the accompanying note that was attached to this 36-centimeter Enigme, indicates that this granite the figure dates back to the late Neolithic. She got to the museum as a donation from a private collection. That’s all short information about this mysterious find.

It was considered mysterious by today’s archaeologists of Greece, since figures and figurines of this historical period, which sometimes come across during excavations, made, as a rule, of soft material, most often from clay or easily processed stone. A there is solid granite. At the same time, the Enigma is perfectly carved, almost filigree, as if using the most modern granite processing tools.

A photo from open sources

Museum archaeologist Katya Manteli clarifies that such figurines, symbolizing a bird or a bird-headed person were characteristic of the late Neolithic, however its rather large dimensions, material of which the figure is made and quality of processing This hard stone confuses scientists. No this granite Human birds and clear sexual characteristics, which is also not characteristic for the “sculptors” of that historical period.

All this suggests that the Enigma is far from complete. an ancient man, most likely she was presented to him, perhaps for the worship of the God-birds, and may become, and for some other goals, ritual or ceremonial. A more thorough study of this artifact, Manteli clarifies, probably could shed light on his origin, however, in our world such mysterious finds are not are needed by orthodox science (they even interfere, creating chaos in established views on the history of human society), and why gather dust in museum vaults …

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