Mysterious Mayan civilization haunts to scientists

The mysterious Mayan civilization haunts scientistsPhoto from open sources

Maya civilization is very interesting for many reasons. But here paradox: many information about this fantastic community of people are kept silent by modern science precisely for these very reasons, explain which in terms of materialism and habitual logic almost impossible.

But assuming that the Mayans were in close contact with aliens, as evidenced by many data, then everything falls on their places. And there is a lot of such data, it’s enough to mention at least that the Indians were well aware of the structure of our solar systems and even had a model of the universe. Where does it ask?

But the most amazing thing that does not fit into our idea of this highly developed society is that this civilization didn’t know the wheels. She built grandiose structures, created calendars, knew math and much more, but the wheel couldn’t come up with. Or did she not need it? For example, there is Mayan handwriting mentions that an Indian could sit down with with a staff under a tree, to think where he needs to move – and he instantly appeared there. What was that staff, what kind of knowledge teleportation, where from? Maya probably owned a secret gravity, but because this civilization simply did not need wheel.

A photo from open sources

And the second great secret of this society is its disappearance in no time. Moreover, there was no sunset of civilization in in fact, she just disappeared from the face of the earth. Where, who took her? how independent researchers suggest Maya Indians are just moved to another world, leaving behind more questions than answers.

But there are still answers: information appeared on the Internet, that Mexico’s government archives are very interesting documents regarding Maya, in particular that they met with guests from outer space and even considered them great teachers and friends. Most likely, these teachers took the Indians: either to their distant planet, or moved to a parallel world. Why is that happened, we apparently will never be able to find out. However, if the government of Mexico dares to make these documents public, much as the conspiracy theorists say, it will fall into place, for example, perhaps we will at least understand the meaning of the “end of the world”, which we everyone was waiting in 2012 and that never came for us …

Mexico Mayan Civilization

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