Mysterious Shambhala

The outstanding commander Napoleon Bonaparte said that there are two levers that can be controlled by people – this is fear and personal interest. It is power that gives the right to rule peoples. The thirst for power is inherent in most people at the helm authorities. They did not become an exception as the leaders of the young Soviet state, and Hitler, whose plans were not limited the creation of the Millennium Reich. Photo from open sources To achieve their goals they were used various means (political, financial, military) and even as extraordinary as the attempt to master the knowledge of one of mythical countries of the world – Shambhala. Why exactly to Shambhala were the eyes of people with big plans to change the world are turned order? According to theosophical theory, Shambhala is located in Tibet and in it are the great Masters who guide evolution of humanity. Only special people can see and are in it with a pure heart and soul. In one of the Buddhist documents the eleventh century “Kalachakra” claims that Shambhala is the fortress of goodness on earth and what exactly is the whole gene pool of humanity. From some sources it follows that Shambhala is center of the world and there is stored a certain substance that supports life all things on earth. According to one version, survivors created it after the global cataclysm, the inhabitants of a vast continent that sank in the indian ocean. People called this hypothetical mainland Lemuria According to one of the Bengal military, he saw oldest texts mentioning the largest continent an area of ​​about 6 thousand km2, which was destroyed as a result greatest earthquake. Huge ocean waves destroyed Lemuria (in the annals of the continent called Mu) 12 million years ago. Many Pacific Islanders consider themselves descendants of the Limurians. Mystery researchers almost never did searching for traces of the legendary Lemuria. Therefore, the assumption of the creation by the Lemurians of Shambhala has remained so far only a hypothesis. And although many Tibetan books describe travel to Shambhala, no one could indicate the exact the location of this amazing and alluring country. To Europe the legend of Tibetan earthly Paradise in 1627 brought missionary monks who have been to the Himalayas. After two hundred years Western geographers have already claimed that the legendary Shambhala located in Europe. But still, most people associate Shambhala with Tibet. Residents of the “land of snow” believe that there is a close the connection between them and the shining country of good – Shambhala. And although Shambhala is not marked on any of the world maps and cannot be get even with the best guide, every Tibetan dreams of being in it. Perhaps this is due to constant longing a man in truth, and with faith in the victory of good over evil. Highly I want to believe that Shambhala is not fiction, but reality. Especially, that there are books in which meticulously and in detail is described there way. For example, in the ancient manuscript “The Path to Shambhala,” written Lama of Tibet in 1775, it is said that only one can get there that person driven not by curiosity, not arrogance, not adventurism and not greed, but, exclusively, the desire to serve everyone living and suffering beings on Earth. Legends say that some tragedies, periods of decline and despair do not wait for earthlings, Shambhala will the only place where doctrine capable of saving humanity. In the darkest times, the bravest and most worthy of people will have to go to Shambhala to gain wisdom and pass it on to others to save life on Earth. Also in labor Tibetan Lama says that permission to visit Shambhala comes, most often, to worthy in a dream. But the way there is very difficult. The approaches to Shambhala are guarded by demons and evil spirits, and not every traveler will reach the goal. Perhaps the llama meant an overwhelming power, located in the depths of our subconscious, which does not allow a person to know his inner and outer peace and abandon everyday and pragmatic thinking. This a person’s trait can prevent you from reaching Shambhala. In his labor the lama described in great detail landscapes, mountains, gardens, rivers, unprecedented plants, amazing animals and birds, as well wonderful people. According to the lama, Shambhala itself is among snow-capped mountains, outlines resembling the petals of a huge white lotus. Shambhala is surrounded by a ring of mountains, three rows of forest, a serf wall with eight gates. The capital of Shambhala is the city of Kalapa settles down in the magnificent valley called “Eternally happy”. The main building of the country is located in the center of the capital of Kalapa, built of precious stones. The composition of Shambhala, except for Kalapa includes twenty-eight more cities. The inhabitants of Kalapa managed to master all higher powers speak Sanskrit, considered the language of the gods. Everything blooms and turns green, birds chirp unprecedented beauty, amazing animals walk. Through all the ancients texts the thought passes that for those who have found a mysterious country inside yourself, the visible Shambhala becomes a real place, present on Earth. Among the very scarce information about Shambhala there is a narrative of the Chinese scientist Laodzin who describes in details of the organization of life in the “Protected Valley”. He talked about wonderful libraries, repositories and laboratories of Shambhala. Also described in detail the famous tower in the center of Kalapa. is he claimed that in Shambhala, along with the development of the spiritual sphere, they received development of various sciences and technologies. Chinese scientist told about unusual lenses mounted on the roofs of palaces. He believed that with the help of these optical instruments, the inhabitants of the valley study the distant worlds. Laodzin was very surprised by cars moving around the network the tunnels. The scientist claimed that he saw flying vehicles there. Of great interest in various countries were descriptions of Shambhala, scientific experiments on telepathy over long distances and volitional premises, as well as work with magnetic currents and rays of various origin. Chinese scientist claimed that the population Shambhala practices telepathy, materialization and telekinesis. Dr. Laodzin writes about two hundred sages and their disciples, living in Shambhala. They all belong to twenty different earthly nationalities, but Tibetans prevail. There are Chinese among them, Indians, Germans, Iranians, French, Belgians, Dutch, and six Russians. They live in beautiful buildings of granite and basalt. in a fertile and blooming valley. The residents of Shambhala process themselves fertile land, vegetables and fruits are grown, fabrics are made for clothes. They feed only on plant foods. In the valley many underground hot springs that create wonderful warmer climate in Shambhala. Laodzin stayed in Shambhala for about three months. He saw with his own eyes the results of psychoenergetic works of scientists of the valley. Acquainted with the ancient manuscripts of peoples all over the world, located in the huge book depositories of the valley. His allowed to see the equipment of laboratories, visit the observatory. Famous Russian artist, writer, traveler, archaeologist, philosopher E.I. Roerich, having read the works of Loadzin, argued that the scientist did not see everything related to life in Shambhala. Of Roerich’s statements, it can be assumed that he and his members the family managed to visit Shambhala and, possibly, more than once. Most modern scholars believe that Shambhala is more likely total located in the Gobi desert or the Himalayas in the mystical area Kailash mountains. Perhaps Shambhala exists in another dimension, as makes her so inaccessible. It is believed that the race of the Masters of Shambhala stands higher in the cosmic evolutionary development of the planet of humanity. Therefore, for millions of years they are invisible control the evolution of the earth, helping humanity overcome development difficulties. Tibetan Buddhists consider Shambhala their spiritual center. People searching for the Hidden Kingdom never do not return. Or they, having found the valley of the Masters, remain there, or die without reaching the desired goal. Views on Mysterious Shambhala change with time. Accent with characteristics of Shambhala as a paradise monastery of good transferred to the presence in Shambhala of superhuman beings directed there space civilizations from the constellation Orion in order to accelerate the pace of development of the human race. Significant occurred Transformation of the Shambhala myth: this country has become a territory Subtle world, inaccessible to physical visits, inhabited invisible and powerful Masters of humanity. But in any case whether Shambhala is a myth or reality, people whose thoughts are not aimed at good, can not find the earth’s center civilization management. And this is the salvation and hope of all of humanity.

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