Mysterious skull dug up in the USA

In the United States unearthed a mysterious skullPhotos from open sources of

In the US state of California, a team of paleontologists dug up skull of a mysterious creature. A large fragment of the skeleton does not lend itself any scientific description and confuses specialists.

Researchers have suggested that the skull may belong to a representative of a certain variety of ancient mammoths. However, it is obvious that before the remains of animals from the family scientists did not find elephants with a similar structure.

Paleontologists who discovered the bone believe that its age ranges from ten to thirteen thousand years, with a relic on surprise is well preserved and is quite suitable for studying. The exact age of the skull is currently being set. in the laboratory, however, it’s already known that the alleged the mammoth died during global cooling. Probably this due to the fact that the physiology of the animal was different from physiology his older relatives, and this mammoth was compared to them thermophilic.

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Science believes that in that era, many species had different traits. buildings compared to their ancestors. Skull of it the predecessor of modern elephants has relatively small sizes. At first, researchers were inclined to believe that we are talking about young, however, some details of the find gave reason to assume that this is a fragment of the remains of an adult, but very small in size mammoth. So there is everything reason to believe that American paleontologists managed to dig up skull of a representative of a species previously unknown to science.

It should also be noted that these remains have become the oldest a relic ever found in North America. The previous record belongs to a find made over twenty years. back to the Channel Islands near California. Then the experts also found the skull of an animal similar to a mammoth, but the bone turned out to be badly battered by time and literally crumbled into dust, therefore her analysis was not possible.

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