Mysterious statue from the Sumerian city Uruk

A mysterious statue from the Sumerian city of UrukPhoto from open sources

A mysterious statue that you can see on in the photo, in currently stored at the Berlin Pergamon Museum. Like many other similar artifacts that defy any explanation, this product has found the only refuge in our world – to become museum exhibit.

There is not much information about him: a strange sculpture was found German archaeologists during excavations of the ancient Sumerian city Uruk, which is located in the territory of modern Iraq. Uruk was city-state, its heyday came in the third millennium before ad.

And the sculpture is really strange: why is it inside sphere, none of the scientists could explain. It’s for this reason, artifact and went to the museum.

Rather it will be said, set off for the reason that others explanations contradicted the scientific notion of history of humanity. For example, independent researchers suggest that the ball, in which there is clearly a humanoid in some kind of overalls, is very recalls the ancient vimanas from the Indian epic. It is possible that it’s just a single viman, and the pilot in it is dressed in a kind of spacesuit.

By the way, if you compare this sculpture with some other ancient finds and sources (drawings, bas-reliefs and so further), one can find a certain analogy. But in this case aliens need to be recognized and their impact on development, and maybe even and the emergence of our civilization …

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