Mysterious underwater pyramids found near Bahamas

Mysterious underwater pyramids found near the BahamasA photo from open sources

Not far from New Providence, which is the most the densely populated island of the Bahamas, recently discovered a mysterious find. Famous virtual explorer Scott Waring examined satellite imagery of the ocean floor and discovered at 6 kilometers from this stretch of land two huge underwater the pyramids.

The author of the find says that these structures are located on shallow water and therefore perfectly visible from above, it is even surprising that no one had noticed them before. Pyramidal structures, according to Waring, can serve as evidence that once lived here ancient Indians like the Aztecs or Mayans.

The specialist also does not exclude the possibility that we are talking about architectural masterpiece of some unknown underwater civilization like Atlantis.

The structures found by the expert are not too similar to each other. The left pyramid has an almost perfect shape, but the right and not a pyramid at all, by definition irregular shape with rectangular ledges. However, at Waring there is no doubt that these are man-made objects. The length of each of them is about 100 meters, and the height is about 60.

Scott reasoned:

I actually specialize more in aliens, so it seems to me that this could be the work of hands representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Maybe these structures were built 50-100 million years ago, but water currents with partly destroyed them. I would not say that these are the most ancient man-made structures on Earth, however they are definitely alone of the most mysterious. I hope after the publication of this news would anyone think of going down there and inspecting these facilities.

The pyramids of Scott Waring

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