Mystery of the Sahara

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An international group of scientists from Germany, Canada and the USA, led by Stefan Kreplin of the Institute of Prehistoric Geology University of Cologne conducted research. It turned out that the Sahara turned into the most extensive and hottest desert of our planet about 2700 years ago as a result of a very slow evolution of climate. Earlier it was believed that climate change was very dramatic and occurred over a relatively short period of time, reminds ITAR-TASS. According to research, 6 thousand years ago, the Sahara was green, trees grew there and there were many lakes. This huge area, The larger territory of Australia was also inhabited. Unfortunately, the vast majority of factors for which would define in detail the evolution of the Sahara desertification, irretrievably lost. But scientists managed to draw their conclusions on based on the study of geological deposits raised from the depths of one of the largest bodies of water in the Sahel region of Lake Joa, located on north of Chad. The success of the scientific expedition was accompanied by a thorough the study of these deposits, conducting numerous geochemical analysis and study of pollen of trees and plants before deserts, as well as the study of the remains of aquatic plant and animal microorganisms. This work of scientists from Germany, Canada and USA to restore the last 6 thousand years of the existence of the Sahara refutes the existing theory of the transformation of this part of Africa into desert 5500 years ago and the fact that the desertification process took just several centuries, thereby putting an end to the period of wet tropical climate. According to Stefan Kreplin, Lake Joa 26 meters deep continues to be fed from underground sources just as it was during the wet Sahara period, which started 15 thousand years ago. These sources are able to reimburse 6-meter layer of water evaporating annually in the lake.

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