Neanderthals had prayer caves

Neanderthals had prayer cavesPhotos from open sources of

Specialists of the Madrid Archaeological Museum recently discovered a unique cave of Neanderthals – Descuberta, which located one hundred kilometers from the capital of Spain. Unique since archaeologists have not found traces of economic activities of an ancient person.

Moreover, in the cave were the remains of small bonfires and, most most importantly, these bonfires surrounded the burial place of the child, age which scientists determined at about forty thousand years old. Of the researchers concluded that this cave intended for religious rituals – the oldest prayer service the room. It turns out that already in those days, Neanderthals had an idea about the afterlife and already knew how to make rituals that helped the soul of the deceased go into another world. For for these purposes they used not only bonfires, but also deer horns, tours and bison.

By the way, archaeologists have previously found such cult objects in graves of Neanderthals, however, believed that they got there by chance. And Descuberta’s cave was evidence that the ancient hominids of the earth could already pray and even arranged for This is a special room. Note that previously, scientists believed that faith in the afterlife is characteristic of highly developed humanoids, to which only Homo sapiens was always ranked. It turns out that Neanderthals possessed such spiritual ideas.

By the way, archaeologists of France not so long ago also discovered a cave Neanderthals – Brunickel, in which circles from stalagmites for bonfires. And these bonfires were not lit for cooking, because they seem to have burned human remains. Moreover, the age of these circles is determined almost in one hundred eighty thousand years. It turns out that even when on Earth there was no homo sapiens, Neanderthals possessed ritual knowledge practitioners and built special caves for these purposes – almost houses of worship, to say the modern language.

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