Neanderthals taught us the mind?

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Neanderthals are the closest relatives modern man. They lived in a territory stretching from Europe to the Middle East and West Asia. Died out Neanderthals over 40,000 years ago. Many scientists are sure that implements and tools made of bone material – this is their undeniable merit.

In addition, Neanderthals are the creators of blades, as well as many jewelry that we have widely used to this day. Scientists all over the world today do not stop the argument: how much modern man differs from Neanderthal man and what exactly? Researchers concluded that over 51,000 years ago prehistoric man created tools from processed bones, which could appear only in our era. For example, bones the tools with which the animal skins were processed were found in southwest France, on two sites of Neanderthals. Uniform surface smoothness and rounded edges of tools say that Neanderthals could boast high quality in the ability to scrap the skin and workmanship other soft materials. Ancient weapons found earlier (paper clips, hand axes, spears, etc.) were made of stone, bone findings suggest that Neanderthals were not as primitive as we used to think. They are not only Bone implements such as awl, needle, grout were widely used, but also made tools out of bones that are still widely used by modern man. In addition, scientists suggest that modern people, creating tools from bones, scooped their knowledge of Neanderthals. Until now, we know very little about the ancient people, experts say. Because the bone tools discovered – far from the entire list of Neanderthal tools, scientists sure that the main discoveries are ahead. However, researchers are not consider Neanderthals the first people to make bone products and tools, since there are much more complex and oldest instruments found in Africa. But, in Europe, the Neanderthals indisputably occupied in their time in this regard a leading position.

Translation by Sergey Vasilenkov

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