Near Tanzania discovered a lost “African Atlantis”

Near Tanzania discovered the lostA photo from open sources

A sunken city was accidentally discovered in the Indian Ocean, which journalists have called the “African Atlantis.”

American diver Alan Sutton was looking for the wreckage of an old portuguese fort, which is rumored to have washed away many water years ago, and stumbled upon the ruins of a supposedly ancient wall about four kilometers long. “I literally sagged jaw, “writes a blog stunned by this discovery. diver.

A photo from open sources

Not far from a small sandy island in Tanzania it turned out something that simply could not be created by nature. Sutton is convinced that he managed to find the foundation of a giant wall erected several millennia ago by some ancient civilization. Of course, the comparison of this place with the legendary Atlantis is somewhat incorrect, however, the media can understand – so amazing discoveries are not made every day.

A photo from open sources

The American reports that he flew with his comrades in a helicopter and, in looking at the water for a certain moment, he suddenly noticed an incomprehensible structure looking out from the ocean. It was located in far from land and it was completely different from coral reef, therefore, immediately attracted the attention of a diver. Nonetheless, according to Sutton, when they got into the boat, the ruins of the wall began to this angle is almost invisible due to waves. Most likely by this reason, underwater ruins and remained all this time not spotted by local fishermen. Also during the tides the ancient building may have generally been hidden by the elements, representing for ships and boats an undoubted danger.

A photo from open sources

Archaeologists are ready to explore the ancient lost in the ocean cities

First, the divers photographed the ruins from above, then descended under water with equipment and took many picturesque pictures there. The Americans suggest that the wall goes deep into the sandy bottom on ten to twenty meters. Its duration is about three kilometers seven hundred meters. The ruins are represented by large the number of similar blocks of sandstone dimensions about five by five meters. Obviously, this is a man-made object, however, who, when and for what purpose built it – the real a mystery that scientists have yet to solve. Here soon should arrive a group of European archaeologists, which will be engaged this important task.

A photo from open sources

Sutton says: “It was probably relatively large a city erected even before our era. It’s hard to say why he sank. It is possible that the wall we found is just intended to contain the elements, but at some point, let’s say, could not stand it and collapsed under the pressure of water. Maybe, erosion and high seismic activity in the region were to blame. At the bottom, by the way, many artifacts of this ancient civilization and even real treasures. We, however, are boundless Glad you just found this place. The rest is for scientists. ”

Authors of the find, who now have every right to invent the name of the ruined ancient settlement option is Harbor City. Translated into Russian, this means “city near the harbor.”

Atlantis Water Time

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