New geoglyphs discovered on Nazca plateau

New geoglyphs discovered on the Nazca plateauPhotos from open sources of

According to National Geographic (see also stock footage made by his collaborators), Peruvian archaeologists discovered new geoglyphs on the Nazca plateau. Now these discoveries occurred in the province of Palma, found here more than fifty to today unknown mysterious drawings and giant figures on the surface of the earth.

New geoglyphs discovered with drones equipped with cameras high resolution so thin and blurry lines drawings (a consequence of soil erosion) that are no longer visible with planes and especially from satellites, in this case were Available for high-quality shots from a short distance. true territories to search for new geoglyphs helped archaeologists find GlobalXplorer project employees who are based on satellite imagery determined which areas might be most interesting for this. In addition, local residents helped the search engines a lot. able to notice something unusual in their environment reality.

Note that the most famous and well-studied plateau geoglyphs Nazca are from dozens now discovered kilometers, although part of the drawings of the province of Palma, according to Researchers belong to representatives of the same culture – Nazca. But most of the drawings can be attributed to the cultures of Topar and Paracas, who lived here much earlier.

And that means, emphasizes archaeologist Johny Isla (Johnny Isla) that these drawings preceded the famous geoglyphs the Nazca plateau, that is, all this has more than a thousand-year tradition. what does it give scientists? A lot: a new discovery will allow building more real hypotheses about the purpose and functions of such drawings, which were most often attributed to aliens. And everything can be much more prosaic and, at the same time, much more wiser …

New drawings also showed that when executed geoglyphs can be used all kinds of styles. For instance, the famous faces of the Nazca plateau are made mainly in the form abstract patterns, and certainly gigantic sizes, then how geoglyphs of the province of Palma are concrete figures, basically warriors. They are made in much smaller sizes and most often on slopes of the hills, thanks to which one could even be seen from the surface of the earth.


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