Novohopersky pyramid. Keeper secrets

Novohopersky pyramid. Keeper of secretsA photo from open sources

Novokhopyorsk – a city located on the right bank of the river Khoper and related to the Voronezh region (Russia). History of the city more than 200 years old, but today we’ll talk about the steppes, spread around this city, or rather about the huge mound, dubbed: Novohopersky Pyramid This object was discovered 13 years ago by two friends: the chief archaeologist of the region Konstantin Efimov and associate professor of historical sciences Alexander Medvedev. they were able to make out and prove that the huge An embankment in the middle of the steppe is not just a mound, but a truncated pyramid. On the plan, this structure forms an almost perfect square, having sides of 60 meters, oriented strictly to the sides light, and a height of 8 meters.

Novokhopersky pyramid, barrow, archeology, pyramid, zigguratA photo from open sources

This is the largest mound in the region and it has no analogues in the whole Eastern Europe. It was here that the team of archaeologists went to led by Alexander Medvedev, having left, the purpose of the expedition which it became evidence that this mound is really represents a step pyramid, analogues of which found in South America and are called ziggurats.

Without conditionally, this structure was erected without resorting to technology ancient Egypt, but definitely in its architectural concept the influence of monolithic colossi of Giza is traced. And erected “Big grave” in the days of the Scythians, that’s just what kind of tribe – could clarify the artifacts that are still stored in the base of a large mound.

What exactly did the group manage to discover and what other secrets does it keep Voronezh region – all this you will learn in the movie Novokhoperskaya pyramid


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