Nuclear weapons used in antiquity

Nuclear weapons used in antiquityPhotos from open sources of

In 1900, in India, near the village of Mohenjo-Daro, archaeologists have unearthed the ruins of an ancient, mysterious city, which was erected by an unknown, highly developed and powerful in its time by civilization. Very soon in front of archaeologists and historians studying the old metropolis, the question arose: what happened to the city and its inhabitants?

About the gradual decline of civilization caused by drought or war, there was no question – the city died literally suddenly, just as as if its inhabitants were completely unaware of their loved one demise. Explain by flood, earthquake or eruption volcano that the city was literally wiped off the face of the earth is also not seemed possible – traces of natural disasters that could destroy the ancient civilization, scientists have not found. Sudden enemy attack? But the residents of the city, apparently, are not committed defended themselves, and nothing was found on their skeletons that would indicate for violent death.

Suddenly, two scientists – Enrico Vincenti and James Davenport – an incredible theory was put forward: the city died in the result of a nuclear explosion. This hypothesis would remain nothing. an unsubstantiated assumption if a lot didn’t indicate that 3,000 years ago in this metropolis is most likely really no nuclear disaster occurred.

Shards of green glass were scattered throughout the city, to explain the formation of which scientists at first could not, but with the advent of the nuclear explosion hypothesis, concluded that glass none other than molten and hardened by exposure huge sand temperatures. These days, a similar phenomenon is observed military at nuclear test sites.

The skeletons of humans and animals found by archaeologists had increased dose of radiation, which exceeds the normal dose of 50 time.

Scientists have compared damage in cities affected by nuclear explosion: in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, with what they managed to see in excavation time – in both cases an explosion wave propagating from the city center to its outskirts, gradually weakened, leaving characteristic, well-recognized, “Japanese destruction.”

So can we be sure that everything that happens now it’s never been repeated with us, and already with someone happened?

And is it possible that civilizations that lived for several millennia before us, possessed nuclear weapons? It seems now just unbelievable, but who can claim that many centuries ago someone no longer thought of splitting the atomic nucleus and didn’t erase themselves with the face of the earth by his own invention? Who can argue that our ancestors were smarter than us and could not create what we created. AND what are we so proud of now, trying to repeat the story …

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