Ominous orbs over Adyghe dolmens

Ominous Orbs over the Adyghe DolmensPhotos from open sources of

In the Republic of Adygea, you can find thousands of ancient monuments, and the most famous of them are dolmens – places of worship, reminiscent of stone tables on poles with round holes. Before, in the Caucasus, there were more than two hundred documented megaliths of this type, but during the revolution, most of them they were destroyed. Moreover, many dolmens still survived to ours days, which can not but rejoice.

Scientists have determined that these mysterious structures laid out over five millennia ago, served to bury people and the fulfillment by our ancestors of various mystical rituals. This is probably why many believe that dolmens are charged with powerful energy and still provoke supernatural phenomena. This can be easily verified by spending the night in a nearby forest from such a megalith. After that, they say, even the hardest a skeptic cannot deny that something inexplicable is happening here and supernatural.

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Authoritative Russian researcher Sergey Gerasimov repeatedly visited Adyghe dolmens with special equipment and found there a lot of interesting things. Photographing ancient monuments the expert subsequently noticed surprising artifacts – orbs. They are luminous balls and spots, which are impossible to catch with the naked eye, but which easily captured in the photo. Many experts in the field supernatural believe that these are some entities from the subtle world – fortunately, kind, even, one might say, caring.

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The scientist believes that orbs are not ghosts

The motion sensors near the dolmens begin to literally “go off with mind, “as if someone is constantly there and moving invisible. Equipment for measuring electromagnetic fields invariably captures powerful radiation that can be met only at power plants or at the epicenter of a thunderstorm. Eyewitnesses including Sergei Gerasimov himself, repeatedly seen here strange red flashes and even some humanoid dark shapes. You might think that we are talking about ghosts, but experienced dolmen researcher doesn’t think so: in his opinion, this unscientific.

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Our compatriot had his unusual hobby for about five years. back. A friend of Sergei who visited the dolmens in Adygea, showed him my photos with exactly the same mysterious balls. Since then, Gerasimov annually arranges expedition to the Caucasus in order to obtain new evidence of the local paranormalism and, possibly, determine what it is all the same called out.

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By the way, the Caucasian dolmens surprise us even with their construction, because they are made up of huge stone blocks that are so precisely fitted to each other, with no visible mechanical processing, as if they were molded from plasticine, and only then turned into stones. This is another amazing mystery. fantastic megaliths of Adygea …


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