On the threshold of a great discovery

On the verge of a great discoveryPhotos from open sources

This will be the greatest discovery of this century in archeology. By at least, and not without reason, Sergio Gomez Chavez is director of the Mexican National Institute of History and anthropology.

The team of archaeologists led by Chavez for many years excavates the famous and mysterious city of the Aztecs Teotihuacan, which at the beginning of a new era was no less significant than the capital of the Roman Empire. It was then inhabited by more than two hundred thousand human. However, at the peak of its power and prosperity Teotihuacan suddenly dies, the population leaves the city, as if escaping from it, fleeing from something unknown to our descendants.

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Archaeologists have suggested that the key to unraveling this great mystery lies under the Ketsalkoatl pyramid, not the highest (the highest the pyramid of the Sun in its importance can argue with the Egyptian the Cheops pyramid, although inferior to it in height, other pyramids Egypt is themselves inferior to her; see more about this documentary), however it was the Ketsalkoatl temple that was not only administrative, first of all, a ritual center Aztec cities.

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In 2003, scientists scanned a pyramid with a radar and found under it a hundred and twenty meter underground tunnel on thirteen meters deep, leading to three chambers. Then long six years scientists have been digging it out. They sure are not here the robbers who at one time practically cleared everything Egyptian burial places of antiquity, accidentally leaving only a tomb little-known pharaoh Tutankhamun, thanks to which he became even more famous than any other ruler of the ancients Egyptians.

Despite the fact that even these six-year excavations brought archaeologists have many interesting finds, the main surprise awaits them right now, when they came close to the cameras. And here… stumbled upon a huge burial of liquid mercury. Given that it was at that time a value far exceeding gold (after all, mercury symbolized rivers and lakes in the kingdom of the dead), then we can already assume that the treasures await researchers in cameras. As clarified by Sergio Gomez, the power in the state of the Aztecs is not was concentrated in the hands of one ruler, there were four of them – supreme leaders of this great people of the New World. And that more interesting in terms of the burial of these rulers.

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Despite the passionate desire to penetrate the cameras, excavations due to mercury suspended, archaeologists are preparing a special equipment that will protect them from toxic mercury vapor. But tensions increase, however, according to the head of the group, the camera they will be able to open no earlier than September of this year, since in such a delicate matter is not in a hurry. Well, let’s wait for the sensational news from Mexico, in the meantime, watching a movie about the great city Teotihuacan.

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