Orthopedic pin was discovered in the mummy modern design

An orthopedic pin of a modern design was discovered in the mummyA photo open source group of American researchers conducting DNA analysis of an Egyptian mummy found in her body a real orthopedic pin, not inferior in design modern counterparts. Unique Find Length 23 centimeter, she made of metal, and her design is different striking resemblance to the orthopedic pins used in medicine today.

According to experts, in the knee of a man are ancient surgeons put the pin fixing the bones, securing it with organic resin. They did it so skillfully and professionally, that the most complicated operation left no trace on the patient’s body. Judging by the discovered find, methods, used by doctors in modern medicine have long been known to our ancestors and successfully applied by them in practice.

A photo from open sources

It is still unknown who exactly was the Egyptian, in the knee which was discovered amazing pin. Scientists from the american Brigham Young University saw him quite by accident on x-rays, and then removed from the body, a little surprised its discovery.

The found mummy is not less than 3000 years old, which means that even then the ancient Egyptians had the necessary knowledge to construct pins capable of fixing displaced bones in the correct position, and conducting complex surgical operations.

Scientists cannot yet explain the nature of the mysterious find, turned their ideas about ancient medicine. Wilfred Griggs, leading a research group, in whose hands it turned out a unique mummy, convinced that he wouldn’t give much to one find out exactly how Egyptian doctors managed to create and place in the man’s body is such a modern pin.

A photo from open sources

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