Palm prints found on rock aliens

Alien palmprints found on a rockPhoto from open sources

In the Sahara Desert of western Egypt, in the Wadi Sur II area at the beginning of this millennium, cave paintings were discovered, in including numerous handprints. Even then, scientists determined that this cave painting, at least eight to nine thousand years ago.

More recently, the anthropologist of the Institute of Archaeological Research MacDonald Emmanuel Honore once again turned to the study of these amazing drawings depicting not only people and animals, but and some strange headless creatures. But most of all the scientist interested in handprints, since before that the researcher met something similar in Australia. Here in the Sahara, these the prints were very unusual: small tiny hands on for some unknown reason, they were placed inside the contours of adults palms.

A photo from open sources

Previously unconditionally believed that all these handprints – human. However, the anthropologist Honore doubted this and conducted her own research comparing cave prints handprints depicting the hands of human embryos from twenty to forty weeks. Experience has shown that rock arms do not can be human, they are too flexible, and the location their finger is not natural for people. The scientist also confirmed that it’s palm prints, not cave paintings, because they are silhouette: as if someone had a hand and circled the brush paint.

Just in case, the anthropologist examined the palms of the monkeys, however, they did not fit under the rock limbs. Honore says that these prints were made by a prehistoric crocodile or monitor lizard, but, perhaps some other reptilians, say, the same mythical aliens that aren’t burning today Orthodox scholars. It’s just not clear why it took put them inside human palms? Is this a hint genetic experiments on mixing alien and human races? ..

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