Pentagon military seek expedition set off study the unusual pyramids of Antarctica

The Pentagon military is looking for an expedition set off to explore the unusual pyramids of Antarctica.A photo from open sources

Recently, obviously, due to intense melting Antarctic glaciers on this cold mainland became visible from cosmos traces of ancient civilizations. It is true, so far no more than the version, since no one really examined such “tracks”, even the same pyramids of Antarctica that excite scientists since 2012, when they first noticed in satellite images these are too “right” mountains.

A photo from open sources

Last year American researchers sponsored The Pentagon, went to Antarctica to make sure: Antarctic pyramids – natural formations or artificial facilities? Soon, contact with travelers is simple interrupted. And this despite the modern means of communication. In the summer this year, the Pentagon military went in search of scientists, however so far, these efforts have not been successful. Or say this: there is still no information about this expedition, why conspiracy theorists make various guesses.

A photo from open sources

Most likely, the military failed to find the missing researchers, although conspiracy theorists admit such a version: The Pentagon found something, some traces of the missing expedition, but all this is associated with information so unusual that Americans prefer to keep it secret.

Antarctica pyramids can really be buildings ancient civilization, say, the legendary Atlantis. In that case researchers who ventured into the secrets of the mysterious facilities may well pay their lives. Are aggravated such searches by the harsh climatic conditions of Antarctica, where a person can simply freeze elementarily, not to mention others secrets of the ice continent. For example, the reason for the loss of American expeditions may become awakening giants – guardians of the ancient terrestrial civilization, or fantastic plasmoids that they knew about researchers of Antarctica in the last century …

And these are only the more or less well-known secrets of this continent, and how much does he actually store them? For this reason Antarctica, as it was, remains the most mysterious and most unexplored place of our planet. And it is still unknown when earthlings at least her miracles will be revealed …

Antarctica Pyramids

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