People are the result of genetic experiments?

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If you carefully examine the frescoes of temples of Egypt, then only the blind will not see that there was the most natural “genetic engineering training ground “It so happened that a person has always been interested a question of its origin. When the world was still small and ran into short pants, the biblical version about Adam and Eve, from whom the human race originated. Like, created Lord God of the first two, well, and then, as they say, themselves- ourselves … When humanity has grown up, this fairy tale already somehow doesn’t was believed. And then Charles Darwin came to the rescue, who wrote epoch-making work “Evolution of species”. For a long time it was believed that Darwin claimed that man descended from a monkey through evolution. In this, too, for a long time, older people believed, until, finally, did not re-read his works more carefully. It turned out with Darwin – the same as with the Bible. Everyone knows about him, everyone read passages – in textbooks, in popular science articles, were held at school in the classroom biology, but Darwin himself rarely read from cover to peels. (This is the similarity with the Bible: you can not open this book, but around us there are so many quotes from it that, probably, each “read” the whole Bible in this way – by quotes.) But what happened? A it turned out that they called, heard a ringing, but do not know where it is. Darwin did not at all maintain a direct connection between ape and man and didn’t bring the investigation “first a monkey – then a man”, he on the contrary, he wrote that the path of evolution is so complex and multifaceted, that without God simply would not have done: “This is such a complex process, which could not have passed without the participation of the Supreme Being. “If set out Darwin’s theory, deeply, by the way, of a believer, in in a nutshell, he wrote that the appearance of man on earth – the result of a long process: from the first cell and protozoa organisms – to complex ones. And in the end, as a result of the natural selection, when the weak gave way to the stronger species, appeared man, and between them were animals, including monkeys, which from of the entire animal world in its anatomy, physiology is closest to to man. And all, nothing more! Monkeys are simply the closest to humans are animals. Further humanity has grown even more, although to adults are still very, very far away, but in fairy tales from the Old Testament of the six days of creation, as well as the distorted theory Darwin no longer believes. Esoteric talk went that six days – this is a symbol, image, and we are talking about six very long time stages that some prototypes of Adam were allegedly found in Africa and Eve – they say, genetically, humanity was born from one male and one female cell, with a smart look talk about sets of chromosomes and the genetic code … That is, humanity has rejected fairy tales for children, but turned to fantasy – fairy tales for adults. In our time, not teenage, but, let’s say, the time of the youth’s transformation into a man, new theories arise about where it came from and how generally a man appeared. New time – new tales. How much are they really fantasy – time will tell, but brush it off not allowed. So, what are enlightened minds talking and arguing about and which version of their own origin seems to them reliable? Seriously talking about God and recognizing him seems to them stupid and outdated. Instead of God, these terms are used, like the Cosmic Mind, a single information field (Noosphere), etc. And in the wake of universal enthusiasm for contacts with alien intelligence and visits to our planet of numerous and diverse UFOs back in the second half of the last century, it was said that humanity there is the result of laboratory research, numerous experiments to create artificial intelligence and artificial the bodies that some higher beings carried out are aliens. By in essence – the same gods, for who is the Creator, who created that, man was before him, if not god? Among such theories come across frankly funny, frankly ridiculous, frankly unprofessional, frankly odious and other, and other. But there is one that I would like to consider in detail, because, as they say, there is something in it … The hypothesis explains the origin of human races on Earth as a result of artificial crossbreeding and selection. To agree with her or disagree, we turn to paleontology, biology and other similar sciences. Since we are all fully educated, we know that before the advent of homo sapiens – Homo sapiens, there were a large number of other homo. Neanderthal paleanthropes lived almost everywhere on our planet, where Cro-Magnon man later lived. And then someone arrived on our planet and saw that there is life, and it’s kind of like the beginnings minds are also observed, but on such a, you know, primitive level, which would be nice to improve a bit. And they started to improve – actively, by artificial selection or, more likely, genetic intervention. So on earth highly developed civilization. In parallel, they tamed and domesticated animals – to facilitate heavy agricultural work and other practical needs, more productive and useful breeds were developed. Expressed in our scientific language, a certain highly developed race alien creatures practiced genetic experiments. In some places where the most advanced subsequently arose civilizations (such as Sumer, Assyria, Egypt, India), but rather of all, even earlier – in the protocivilizations of Atlantis, Hyperborea or Lemuria-Mu aliens came to the conclusion that it would be nice to create a creature more able-bodied than animals that could possess the physical strength of the animal and sufficient intelligence to Perform complex household tasks. Genetic the experimenters, observing the local flora and fauna, couldn’t, Of course, you will not notice that in the forests and mountains surrounding the settlements physically strong humanoid animals live, which when certain conditions could be good work material or selection. Catch them and isolate, considering good set technogenic level of this highly developed protocivilization was not a big deal. Zaimev in his ordering several individuals of different sexes and having tried them in the case, ancient scholars quickly became convinced that the mental development of those caught anthropoids are too primitive to perform complex work and understand complex teams. Apparently, then a thought arose cross themselves with these creatures. Making sure in the first experiments, that neanderthals can conceive and give birth from male aliens, and female aliens from Neanderthals, they They chose volunteers and began to try different variants of crossbreeding, primary and secondary, experimenting on different floors, and mix their results with each other and look at the result. Unlikely Crossing occurred naturally, here, most likely, artificial insemination methods were used. The resulting as a result of these hybrid experiments, the scientists of protocivilization kept special reservations (“Gardens of Eden”). They raised these hybrids, educated, taught them the basics of the language, labor skills and human morality. What happened next can only be speculated. The grown hybrids could then be released on all four sides, but this is unlikely, because their level was still not the highest. Most likely, the most unsuccessful instances could let go. Another option is also possible: many experimental subjects simply succeeded. to run. And these released unsuccessful instances or escaped to began to multiply uncontrollably and form new races and ethnic groups, which in terms of development were already much closer to homo sapiens than to Neanderthals, although there were still enough primitive. Hybrids, in turn, also multiplied, gradually merging into human society, again mixed with people, and etc. If the hybrid was dominated by neanderthaloid hell, then he, accordingly, gravitated to communication and reproduction with Neanderthals, if human, then with people. Secondary Métis were more developed, looking for their own kind and again spawned new races and ethnic groups. As for natural Neanderthals, so say the source material then they were gradually everywhere driven out by both the Cro-Magnoid race and the humanized hybrid semi-nederthaloids. But still it was still like subhuman, some transitional hybrid stages between Neanderthaloids, Cro-Magnoloids and Homo sapiens. Serious the reader will say – well, what kind of fiction? What kind of fairy tales? All this It’s impossible to check, so it’s in vain to shake the air. Composed something there from scratch scribble journalists or scientists who do nothing, and now they feed us this. But all this is by no means fiction on empty place. For this hypothesis, some data from the ancient mythologies of Egypt, India and Sumer, as well as archaeological finds. First of all, one of the indirect evidence is information from ancient protoreligions in which the gods descended to earth and so or otherwise differed from a person in their appearance. No, practically not a single proto-religion in which there would be no aliens from heaven. Another indirect evidence is the knowledge of scientists about civilization of, say, the ancient Egyptians. Any Egyptologist knows that there are ancient manuscripts that describe the ancient the Egyptians, or rather, those whom the Egyptians worshiped as gods, engaged in something that closely resembles genetic experiments and research. And these experiments and studies, even for the modern scientific knowledge may seem fantastic. For example, bishop Eusebius of Caesarea claimed, referring to the Egyptian priest Manetho that the race of gods in Egypt created many different kinds hybrid creatures: “They produced humans with wings and human creatures with goat hips, also people with horns on their heads, and others – with horse legs. They also produced creatures that front were like people, and behind them like horses. Also beasts with human heads and dogs with fish tails. In addition, other monsters and ugly creatures like dragons. “You might think – medieval tales, if not for the images of the Egyptian gods, who were half-humans, half-beasts. Where did such images and such an idea of ​​the gods? Just because in of blue antiquity, people worshiped animals, making totems of them? But Egyptian civilization was not born from such primitive beliefs. Another indirect evidence is the sudden appearance Egyptian civilization. She was literally born on empty place. Doesn’t it look like the result of genetic experiments? Is very similar. Priest Manetho testified that the Egyptians and Babylonians portrayed these strange creatures in their artistic and architectural works. By the way, statues sphinxes may well be evidence of these genetic experiments and monuments to what happened. Based on analysis numerous murals in temples and tombs of the Valley Pharaohs, scientists came to the conclusion that the “gods” were able to do something type of artificial assembly of the human body from its parts, changing head and other organs. The frescoes in the temples of Egypt show the process introducing a micropipette into the egg to affect the genome. On the Egyptian frescoes generally have much to do with which humanity met only in recent centuries and even decades. Electric batteries, television, computer, space vehicles, aircraft for moving in the layers of the earth atmosphere and stuff like that. If the civilization of the “gods” the Egyptians knew all this, then before experiments with the human genome – simply at hand. If you carefully examine the frescoes of temples of Egypt, then only the blind will not see that there was the most natural “genetic engineering training ground.” Scientists speculate that all this occurred twelve to seventeen thousand years ago, i.e. also in antediluvian times. Moreover, the experiments were carried out by some tall creatures over short people using them as experimental animals. So it is highly probable to assume that in ancient Egypt the goal was to create from this “genetic material “a new kind of person. That is what the images indicate people with the heads of animals and birds. On the black bas-reliefs Negroid slaves were often portrayed with tails. Interesting that the great The sphinx on the Giza plateau is depicted with the head of precisely the Negroid race, on indicating strong prognathism of the facial part and dolichocephalic skull, i.e. overt neanderthaloid symptoms. It may well be that these experiments were not always successful, their results turned out to be unviable, artificially bred creatures had some kind of imperfections, or even completely dangerous to society flaws, and were destroyed. Some atavistic symptoms sometimes manifested in humans, such as tails, horns, scales, limb-shaped membranes on the limbs are most likely a consequence of this genetic engineering race of the “gods.” Yes orthodox science explains, more precisely, explained atavistic signs completely other reasons: they say, we all left the sea, we were in the ancestors monkeys … But since neither Darwin nor modern science strongly disagree with the enrollment in our ancestors of monkeys, from which we supposedly happened naturally as a result of evolutionary selection, then these explanations are untenable. The explanations of atavistic signs by mutations are also untenable. Such experiments, it must be said, were carried out not only in Ancient egypt. Artificial Surgery Information fertilization contain ancient Indian sources. By the way, in Egypt and India tried to impregnate not only women but also men performing complex surgeries. Some experiments on crossbreeding of different species was also carried out in Assyria – this The conclusion of scientists was prompted by the finds in Nimrud. In particular, in 1848 Two cuneiform artifacts were found in the year – the so-called seal Ashurnazirpal II (883-859 BC), and the black obelisk Salmanasara III (858-824 BC). Both artifacts depicted Assyrians leading strange hybrid animals next to them unknown species, both domesticated wild and domestic. The cuneiform accompanying the image contained information that Ashurnazirpal bred these animals in his zoological garden in Kalah. The inscription on the second bas-relief spoke of two other species – Baziati and think. Some experts in the field of oriental studies believe that they were humanoid creatures descended from a very early and very special branch in animal evolution, to which indirectly indicates one of the names – umumi (nothing more than “hells” – on behalf of the first man Adam). Sumerian cuneiform writing in detail tells of the creation of a “new race” by the “gods”. Under the “gods” there, apparently, either the same aliens appear, or antediluvian race (in other sources it is also called Asuras), for which was characterized by gigantic growth, and a new human the hybrid race is called “lulu,” which literally means “one who mixed. “In ancient Sumerian texts from Nippur specifically it is indicated that the gods Anu, Enlil, Enki and Nin-Khursag themselves molded “black-headed” people called “Sumerians.” To start in “creation workshop” were created by the younger gods of Annunaki, task which was in the preparation of the soil for cultivation and cultivation cereals. But this task was impossible for them. The thing is, that the flood waters destroyed the environment in that region and turned fertile soils into a clay layer. Sumerian Chronicles testify that land has become a top priority again fit and revive the country rich in Eden in the delta of the Entre Rios. Junior Annunaki for this overwhelming task additional labor was required. It is further reported that “Lulu” were “introduced” into the process at an early stage. Hashnan and Lahara “details how,” for the sake of good things in their pure the sheepfold man got his breath. “Very transparent, isn’t it? Goals and objectives are indicated specifically and clearly, and from the inscription you can to make an indisputable conclusion that people were bred artificially. Enki and the other Annunaki then formally requested Nin-Khursag create a person who “carries the yoke” of the Annunaki, i.e. bring out the race of slaves. Nin-Khursag was considered a major specialist in anatomy and medicine, and many descriptions of its genetic research, including conservation of Enki’s seed for use in cross fertilization of other life forms. Appearing in manuscripts and tablets “creation workshop” Nin-Khursag was called “Shimty’s House” (from the Sumerian word “Sh.IM.TI”, which means “spirit-wind-life”). What is it if not a genetic laboratory? Nin-Khursag soon improved her experiments and was ready create the first “lulu”. In the epic “Atra-Khasis” it is said that Ea and Nin-Igiku (Enki and Nin-Khursag) were created shortly after the flood fourteen new people – seven boys and seven girls. For this the uterus of the “goddesses” in which there were planted fourteen “a pinch of clay.” So much for genetic engineering – a skeptical reader will say. After all, the ancient beliefs of many ethnic groups, which says that a person was made of clay. But do not rush to grin skeptically: Sumerologists in this symbolic image of crude and non-cultivating soil seen seed Neanderthals – rough and also not very treatable. If it was about banal clay modeling, then why use the uterus for this purpose “goddesses”? Gods – they are omnipotent, can blind a man, breathe in his life – and so he went, man. So, as a result of gene not only a new labor force was created for hard work in the fields, in the construction of new cities and in mines, but also was conceived a new social system, where the “gods”, i.e. race Asurov, were empowered by divine rulers. Of Mesopotamian texts imply that resulting from this breeding slaves “Lulu” considered the main task of their life ministry “gods,” supplying them with food and shelter. Clearly laid genetic program that primarily affects the mind and motives behavior. Instead, the “lulu” received from the “gods” primary education, they were taught language, sciences, arts, crafts, i.e. joined to developed civilization. Also, a new hybrid race was taught the basics. human morality, the distinction between good and evil, instilled religion: the religious service of the Asuras was encouraged – they built temples, sacrifices were made. As a part of the Asurov cult, a “pagan” religion, characteristic of all, without exception, the tribes of ancient people. This is where paganism of the gods comes from: representatives of the higher race or alien experimenters lived on our planet clearly not in alone! All of the above fits very well into the framework hypotheses about breeding a hybrid race of slaves based on gene mixing Asurov with genes of archanthropes. Black-headed mutants did not have human innate qualities and talents, but had to go stage of training, i.e. humanization. First on reservations (Eden) they were taught language and morality, then they were given work – cultivation and storage of Paradise. It is Paradise – because there they are in nothing they didn’t need, they were fed, taught, etc. Moreover, no one was silent about who they are and where they came from, the story of their own origin was known to them, and they thanked the “gods” for their creation. A very correct move: give life and explain it. A grateful creature for this gift will serve you in the grave of life. So they pledged to work for life in gratitude for his birth and life in the society of Asurov. (From here, apparently, human genetic admiration for parents: gave life – thank you very much!) As for the different races, then everything is clear with this: different genetic experiments and variants of crossing gave different results, so in the same Sumer a caste society arose and strict racial hierarchy. After the creation of the younger Annunakov and “Lulu” was still conceived a project to develop the earthly race overseers of slaves, the first of which was Adapa (Sumerian biblical Adam prototype). It was a race of demigods. Now it is clear why in such highly developed civilizations there was such a primitive mythology, composed as if in parable-allegorical form. It’s clear that she was the fruit a hybrid of the mentally retarded semi-Neanderthal race which I could not create anything more highly intellectual. The truth was hidden under a veil of mythical symbols. It is clear who worked on land and who built the cities and pyramids, and who controlled them, and why this labor force so sought out and deified its masters, possessing perfect technology – instead of their own just crush them. Apparently, in Egypt, Sumer and in Abzu (southeast Africa) was bred and negroid, and also a dark-skinned race, which, increasing in quantity, then settled throughout Africa and the Middle East. Other hybrid forms that gave rise to the Mongoloid race appeared in Asia, others were created in America, where they laid the foundation for the American color races (Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, etc.). They eventually began to live on the ruins of high civilizations not built by them, using them scientific achievements and adopting a culture, but at a lower level. AND this right was most likely granted to them by the Asuras themselves, who unknown reasons began to gradually leave the historical scene. Over time, all the most intellectual knowledge of the “gods” was gradually lost because the mentally retarded lower races did not have ability to fully preserve and transmit them to offspring. Of course, this soon led the civilization data to a complete decline and degradation. If all this was so, then you can make bold conclusion: the experience of “sapientation” of Neanderthals by crossing with The Asuras, whom the Cro-Magnons became heirs to, failed. Something they “tricked” them, these “gods”, didn’t take into account something … Maybe Neanderthals in general it was impossible to cross with anyone? Well, not they are adapted to civilization, they would wave a baton and live on level of excretory functions: eat, sleep and copulate. A nearby – preferably – that someone entertained them, they themselves can not. IN as a result, a time bomb was planted in humanity. Neanderthal is very strong in us! Got into the hands that know how hold only a baton, the highest technology, and swing them. A Suddenly, we’ll swing it in the wrong direction – that’s all, hello, descendants! O. BULANOVA

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