People descended from aliens from the planet Nibiru

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A very common analogy today: Earth – large spaceship on which life obeys the laws of the universe and earthly orders. However, the structure and origin of the The universe and the universe of steady representation so far not. Spiral coils Star systems together with our By the solar system inside the space, galaxies move along helical spirals (see diagram). Accordingly, in the solar trajectory systems can distinguish small and large steps. Small step is time the movement of the solar system along a small spiral and is 25 thousand years. Small cycles determine the change of warm and cold zones planets, directions of the main ocean currents, axis displacement magnetic field, which is associated with global energy events that often have disastrous consequences. Big step determines one revolution within the galaxy. He is associated with polarity reversal (pole change) and is equal to the cycle of the Galaxy (space year, according to Kozyrev), approximately 200-210 million years. Land rotates around its axis at the equator at a speed of 0.465 km / s and orbits around the Sun at a speed of about 30 km / s. In his turn, the solar system moves in a spiral spiral at a speed of 250 km / s. Together with the Sun at the same speed our earth and all the components of the solar system are moving. So Thus, the movement of other planets and our planet Earth does not occur along the ellipses of Copernicus, and along open trajectories, in shape close to spirals. Our Milky Way Galaxy is Compound part of the Association of Galaxies, which astronomers call Local a group of galaxies (MGY). It also includes the galaxies “Big and Small Magellanic Clouds. “Most recently, astronomers have determined that MGG moves as a whole at a speed of about 700 km / s. So Thus, the Sun simultaneously participates in two movements: in rotational, associated with the rotation of galaxies, and translational, caused by the movement of the Milky Way with the Local Group galaxies. Earth, together with the solar system, moving in the galaxy at a speed of 250 km / s, flies 7884 billion kilometers per year. The distance from the Sun to the center of the Galaxy is approximately 10 thousand. parsec (one parsec – 3.263 light years, or 31,000 billion kilometers.) The Milky Way rotates relative to the Center super-associations, the diameter of which is 30 million parsecs, and the Milky Way located at a distance of 19 million parsecs from the Center for Super-Association. Know your place Where an unknown force carries us – no one it is known. Only one thing is clear: the life of civilization on Earth and life planets in the solar system – the birthplace of mankind – depend on laws of the cosmos. Consciousness of man and humanity as a whole determined by the energy conditions on the planet, which are determined by the portion of the trajectory of the passage of the Earth in the Galaxy. IN some periods of the life of the solar system the route runs into different sectors of the Galaxy, whose energy dictates various models of human behavior. The behavior of ancient people and modern of man is determined by the location of the solar system on the galactic trajectories of life. Today, global changes in events on Earth there is a result of the accelerating rate of change of the environment – the site sectors of the Galaxy through which the Sun and planets fly. The outstanding luminaries of science in the first millennium BC believed that the Earth is round and none of the gods and people to create it could. Heracles of Ephesus (573–483 BC) wrote: “Cosmos, one and the same for all that exists, none of the gods created it and none of people, but he always was and will be forever a living fire, measures lighting up and extinguishing measures. “But how nevertheless reasonable has life on earth reached that level on our planet? Many natural facts suggest the following. Star systems together with our solar system inside space Galaxies move in a complex helical spiral. Life number 2 A few tens of millions of years ago from another galaxy from aliens constellations of Sirius have arrived in our solar system. And as a ship for interstellar travel, they used … their home planet Nibiru. She took a free the orbit between Mars and Jupiter. In the solar system at its aliens on the planet were in spacesuits, defending themselves from the cold and microbes. In spacesuits, they appeared on Earth. Such a scenario does not belong to the fantasy genre, as it might seem at first sight. Facts supporting the hypothesis of cosmic origin life on earth are numerous. So, some tribes living in Africa still retains the belief that their distant ancestors lived in the constellation of Sirius and in the ark arrived on Earth. On the mysterious The Aztec calendar stone depicts four suns. In one of China’s most revered myths claim that the Sun is twice sprang up in the east … All these artifacts can be explained with taking into account the Earth’s trajectory of motion in the “large” space space. When the solar system moves in a large turn spirals of the galaxy comes the moment of changing the direction of flow energy coming from the magnetic field of the universe. At the beginning there is a slowdown in the rotation of the solar system and a lengthening of the day. When the energy flow passes through zero and then the rotation speed increases – polarity reversal occurs. During this period occur global changes in the biosphere that determine evolution the surrounding world. Due to the large moment of inertia, all objects The galaxies continue to rotate on their axis, in the same direction. However, the Sun moves relative to the Earth in the opposite direction. For the period of movement in a large turn Galaxy polarity reversal occurs twice. According to the above above the Chinese myth, a period of 400-500 million years is described. Yet more amazing timelines for the development of civilization are contained in wall inscriptions on the legendary Egyptian Sphinx bombarded with a ten-meter layer of sand in the city of the dead near modern the pyramids. Labels contain mathematical information, decrypt which mathematicians could only a few years ago. Math data is divided into five groups containing time from the start of the countdown in days. The most distant event is characterized by a figure of seven with more than trillions of years, and the initial countdown begins with five trillions of years. It can be assumed that the first, shortest the period refers to the beginning of the stay of aliens on Earth, and four – to life on the planet Nibiru. Maybe the aliens are still in time immemorial built the Sphinx as a symbol of faith and memory of to your homeland? Nibiru expedition Nibiru civilization reached the level of development that we still don’t have to dream. Apparently, flying to another galaxy was not for them insoluble problem. Of course, before descending to Earth, the aliens flew around the new planet and made its detailed maps. There is compelling evidence that even before the great geographical discoveries ancient sailors had maps where they were depicted continents of Australia, Antarctica, Africa and Eurasia. These cards compiled from the words of priests who received information from oral legends and myths. Immigrants brought representatives from their planet animal and plant worlds. Reasonable creatures of the ocean. If on Earth the highest sentient beings of the ocean dolphins are considered, then they had mermaids. After relocation Mermaids have long lived on our planet. Having completed the relocation, the aliens blew up Nibiru. The explosion first formed several large hot splinters. It was quite possible in the sky see ten suns. This event has long been remembered eyewitnesses, and then information about him was transmitted to distant descendants. Fire fell from the sky and burned by the Garden. This is mentioned in the Old Testament. Under the influence of gravity, large parts of Nibiru split into smaller ones, forming a modern asteroid belt, which separates the zone of minor planets from other planets of the solar system. And to there are still dozens of meteorites falling to Earth every day, and sometimes you can observe meteorite rain. Their mass varies from several tons to dust particles. Large meteorites – small planets have names and numbers. Their flight paths are continuously monitored astronomers. Evidence of cosmic origin intelligent life on Earth, many, even more questions that you can just deliver. Nevertheless, before the modern generation of earthlings there are responsible problems that it must solve. About author: Igor Petrovich Kopylov – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR, Laureate of the State Prizes in the field of science and technology.

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