Petroglyphs of stone unsolved

Petroglyphs of the stone of Kokno are still unsolvedA photo from open sources

In 1887, Scottish archaeologist James Harvey discovered on a farm near the city of Clydebank, a mysterious plate about 9 in size 18 meters, which will later be called Kocno stone.

Soon, this stone interested many scientists of the world the simple reason that petroglyphs of incomprehensible content: some mysterious symbols in the form of lines, circles and spirals. Researchers have not been able to understand from everything drafted absolutely nothing.

A photo from open sources

True, they determined that the age of a stone slab is not less than 5 thousand years. Over time, Kokno started showing interest not only scientists, but also numerous tourists who gradually began to spoil (practically destroy) this artifact. For this reason, in 1965, local authorities covered the stove with earth, in order to save it for posterity, which may be more advanced in terms of decoding all of these obscure petroglyphs.

A photo from open sources

Kokno stone is currently freed from the earth as part of modern research project. Scientists decided to do with the plates are a 3D copy, and carefully copy all of its petroglyphs. Many independent researchers believe that on a riddle stone a star map was drawn, and it was made at that time aliens. What for? This, apparently, we will never understand, or, by at least for a long time.

A photo from open sources

But what’s interesting is that in 2017 near the English village Cherhill appeared another circle on the field with a mysterious pattern. So this drawing exactly repeated one of the characters drawn on the stone Kosno. Coincidence? But isn’t it too easy? Especially since scientists still cannot solve this riddle: who leaves crop circles? Involuntarily begs an explanation about an alien the origin of both

Time Stones Petroglyphs

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