Photo of Bikini Atoll 60 years after the nuclear bang

March 1, 1954 US forces tested fusion explosive device on the atoll that is included in composition of the Marshall Islands. March 1, 1954 US Armed Forces tested a thermonuclear explosive device on the atoll Bikini (Marshall Islands). The energy release during the explosion amounted to 15 megatons.

A photo from open sources

Bikini Atoll, August 19, 2013. © NASA After an explosion in the ground atoll and adjacent areas of the seabed appeared a funnel with a diameter about 1.8 kilometers. Filled with water, she changed a lot Outlines of the Bikini Atoll.

A photo from open sources

The funnel from a nuclear explosion. © NASA August 19, 2013 satellite Landsat 8 took a picture of the atoll. Funnel sizes currently are two kilometers wide and 80 meters deep. “Castle Bravo “(that was the name of this operation) became the most powerful of all US nuclear tests. As a result of serious radiation environmental contamination the views on nuclear weapons were revised.


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