Planar rocks attract attention only amateur researchers

Planar rocks attract the attention of amateur researchers onlyA photo from open sources

In the Krasnodar Territory, on the Afis River, there is a small village A planar gap that is surrounded by picturesque nature (see video), but most importantly – in the area of ​​this settlement are located famous Red and Planic cliffs that attract attention to themselves not only climbers, but also researchers of antiquities, including and ufologists.

A photo from open sources

Recently, just such amateur archaeologists have found here unusual stone object, which is a huge a stone sawn by someone in antiquity into two halves. In themselves square halves are also cut in half. It’s hard for lovers determine the exact age of this find, however, in the antiquity of these megaliths are hard to doubt. It’s just not clear who and why all did it. And most importantly – how?

These edges are generally very mysterious, they are full of megaliths and artifacts that still have no explanation. Official science including official archeology, pretends that there is no nothing interesting, and therefore refuses to explore these strange places that do not fit into the orthodox idea of the origin of our civilization.

A photo from open sources

So this time, official science pretended that no the discovery did not happen, although amateur archaeologists published this information in several scientific publications. Local historians argue that they are already tired of proving that many stone structures in Planic mountains of artificial origin. To officials from science it’s not only not interesting, but even annoying for many of them. This is understandable, since finds such as this are confused our academicians and doctors of sciences make all the cards, make us doubt their dissertations and high posts with no less high salaries. And so we live, wretchedly and unconsciously, practically on instinct level, and then wonder why these aliens are not want to get in touch with us …

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