Plato is my friend, but where is Atlantis?

Plato is my friend, but where is Atlantis?A photo from open sources

A group of American scientists led by Robert Sarmast claims to be convincing near Cyprus evidence of the true location of the legendary Atlantis. The continent described by Plato, researchers argue, was between Cyprus and Syria. This is found on the seabed. the remains of large buildings and high walls, sizes which coincide with the specified Plato. Robert Expedition Sarmasta used ultrasonic sonar to create three-dimensional images of a stretch of sea day at a depth of 1.5 km between Cyprus and Syria, where a flat hill was discovered that revived an old legend about the sunken mainland of Atlantis. “The hill looks like a fenced in the territory that fits Platonic a description of a hill with an acropolis, says Sarmast. – even sizes completely the same. If this all coincided by chance, then this is one of the most incredible accidents. “The basis of the myth of Atlantis laid two dialogues of Plato “Timaeus” and “Critius”, written about 355 BC AD Like all the dialogues of Plato, they are composed in the form of conversations philosopher Socrates with various characters. Politician Critius, whom called unscrupulous and illegible in the media, told handed down from generation to generation the story of the island Atlantis, which was under the auspices of the god of the seas Poseidon By the name of his eldest son Atlanta, the island was named. The terrible dynasty of kings owned vast territories in Europe, Africa and Asia. The temples and palaces of Atlantis wealth were unrivaled. The most magnificent temple was dedicated to Poseidon, in it was many gold sculptures. But because of the strongest cataclysms, the proud Atlantis within one day sank to the seabed. Already many contemporaries took the text of Plato as an allegory. Aristotle claimed that Atlantis is a myth. But some students Plato claimed to have seen in Egypt hieroglyphic records of Atlantis. By the way, in the dialogs this mainland was located in The Atlantic Ocean beyond the pillars of Hercules, but its size as and chronological bindings are so ridiculous that they can’t even to be discussed. Interest in Atlantis revived in the era of the great geographical discoveries. The Catalan Jacinta Verdanger was convinced that the missing continent was the secret purpose of Christopher’s journey Columbus Some identified Atlantis with America, Greenland, Sweden, Svalbard, Azores, Malta. Spoke out and absolutely fantastic hypotheses about Mongolia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico. The great Francis Bacon wrote in 1627 the treatise “New Atlantis, “describing the island where thanks to the enlightened complete happiness reigns for the government. The most common theory that Atlantis was in the Aegean. She was associated with the powerful Minoan civilization of Crete, which existed in the III-II centuries BC Atlantis died as a result of the strongest volcanic eruption on Santorin Island in the XVI-XIV region centuries BC, which is confirmed by geological data. Weighty arguments in favor of this hypothesis were discovered during excavations, carried out at the beginning of the twentieth century by archaeologist Arthur Evans. Was restored the appearance of a highly developed Minoan culture, which had Broad economic and cultural ties with the entire Mediterranean. In the second half of the twentieth century, expeditions of American and Swedish scientists discovered a layer of volcanic ash in underwater sediments tens of meters thick. Layer of ash of a similar age and Origin found on the island of Crete. Last hypothesis about Atlantis location arose in the 1970s: extinct the mainland was in the Bahamas. Divers discovered on the seabed, a series of rectangular wide stone slabs, which, seemed to be rigorous and neatly laid, creating thoughtful structure. According to some allegations, there were even marble columns. But most archaeologists tend to the opinion that the rows of stone slabs of the correct form is Pleistocene erosion of coastal cliffs, which is described in detail science. As for marble, it was used as ballast on ships. Modern geological and geophysical research deny the possibility of the disappeared islands being needed age in the Atlantic. The only hypothetical possibility is Aegean Sea in the area of ​​Santorini volcano. But of course, even the most a strong cataclysm cannot plunge a mountainous country with ridges under water in one day. This is a matter of centuries. Kingdoms gone abyss In addition to Atlantis, there are other traditions about countries that disappeared into the ocean. The ancient hypothesis is popular mainland Lemuria between Africa and India. German at the end of the 19th century zoologist Ernst Hekel created the theory that it was Lemuria the cradle of humanity. This land was inhabited by semi-monkeys, to which include modern lemurs. The founder of the famous Theosophical Society Elena Blavatsky during her sessions received messages from disembodied entities that told her that the history of mankind began with Lemuria. The inhabitants of Lemuria were the third of the seven root races. They resembled monkeys with three eyes, but multiplied, laying eggs. Lemurians moved to Atlantis, where they became the fourth race. We humans are the fifth race. Lemuria was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, and Atlantis ruined black magic. Already in the first half of the twentieth century appeared reports of isolated Lemurian settlements on different continents. In the first half of the twentieth century became widespread the theory of the ancient continent of Mu, in whose territory in the midst Pacific were modern Mariana, Polynesian, Hawaiian archipelagos, Fiji, Tahiti, Easter, Tonga. On Mu 50 million years ago the first man appeared, although all anthropologists They say that this happened in another place and only 4 million years ago. In Hindu monasteries, letters were found inhabiting Mu highly developed people. It was an ideal state from which all human civilizations have gone. 12 thousand years ago Mu plunged to the bottom of the ocean. No researcher has ever kept in hands no evidence of this hypothesis. Natural cataclysms Drown a country the size of a Platonic Atlantis nor in one way known to science is impossible. But you can destroy it. In the time of a good typhoon, the wave height reaches several tens meters: there are many cases where a typhoon successfully destroyed big cities. But the typhoon is a short-lived phenomenon, and after it people usually rebuild destroyed homes. Can lay blame for the death of Atlantis on a meteorite. The largest crater from the fall a meteorite in the Khatanga basin reaches a diameter of 100 km. The phenomenon is accompanied by the release of gigantic volumes of hot rock. But this event is extremely unlikely. More importantly, no a meteorite will not create at the place of the fall of the ocean basin and will not able to plunge the island into the deep sea. Atlantis Africa Time Volcanoes of Syria

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