Poles discovered the grave of “vampires”

The Poles have discovered the gravePhotos from open sources of

In the vicinity of the Polish village of Guzhitsy in the west of the country archaeologists have found unusual remains. Their strangeness lies in the fact that bodies were disfigured before burial.

Experts concluded that this was probably done out of fear of vampires. The dead were considered bloodsuckers and mutilated so that they could not rise from the ground. By preliminary estimates, burial dates are dated thirteenth to fourteenth centuries.

The grave was discovered near the former residence of the local the bishop. Several centuries ago there was a Gothic cathedral. It is possible that it was the clergy who decided to mutilate corpses, and maybe even kill three unfortunate vampires. Analysis showed that two skeletons belong to men and one to a woman. The bodies were beheaded, their knees were broken and pierced several times sharp objects right through the spine. Researchers believe that in this way the remains wanted to be nailed to the earth forever eternal.

A photo from open sources

The woman reportedly suffered severe curvature during her lifetime the spine, that is, it was a hunchback, because of which the villagers could find her a vampire. One of the men was also notable for his hunchiness. His body was even dismembered. The head was separated from the corpse of another man and clamped it between two boulders. Ordinary people are known to it has long been customary to bury lying on their backs and crossed on their chests hands. The same three individuals were laid in the grave with bellies. way down.

Ghostbusters are already interested in found the remains of vampires. They believe that it is entirely possible that from them not only mortal bones remained on the earth, but also subtle substances, which would be interesting to track and record modern appliances …

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