Prehistoric Europeans loved food with spices

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Recent historical studies show that judging by remnants of food on shards of ceramics, prehistoric Europeans are very liked spicy food. Found during archaeological excavations in northern Europe a piece of an ancient pan with leftover food more 6000 thousand years. It turns out prehistoric civilization, dwelling in northern Europe, used as seasoning garlic, mustard and various herbs. It turns out that aromatization dishes were widely used thousands of years before the start of world trade spices. This study is just a godsend for scientists because it in a completely different perspective allows you to look not only at culture, but also on historical events that took place in those distant time. Specialists also found traces of spices on the shards pottery during excavations in Denmark and Germany. Lead author Haley Saul of the study believes that the age of this dishes coincides with the time of the beginning of the transition of ancient people from gathering and hunting for agriculture. Previously, scientists were sure ancient people looked at food only as a way to satisfy hunger, however, the found food leftovers suggest that our distant ancestors were very creative in cooking and serving dishes. It was important for ancient culinary specialists not only to cook high-calorie food, but also make the food delicious and varied. After analyzing the remnants of food inside the ancient pots, scientists discovered mustard seeds and pieces of garlic that add to the dish powerful and pungent flavor. Since these seasonings have no nutritional values, ancient chefs used them for the purpose of enrich the taste of food. In addition, clay remains were found dishes in which, using spices, marinated fish, shellfish and meat animals. Scientists carefully studied ceramic samples taken from three different excavation sites in Denmark and Germany. results confirmed that the addition of food flavorings and spices are an ancient culinary practice that appeared in the north European civilization long before the start of the spice trade with countries of the East. Seasoning has a long tradition than we thought before – perhaps this tradition preceded agricultural development.

Translation by Sergey Vasilenkov

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