Prehistoric man in fashionable sandals.

Prehistoric Man in Fashionable SandalsPhotos from open sources of

Modern science says that the ancestors of man stood on the back limbs and began to walk, not relying on the forelimbs, not earlier than 8 million years ago. Of course, after that a big period of time before ancient people learned how to make shoes for yourself. However, if this is true, then who was walking along our planet hundreds of millions of years ago? ..

Ancient pedestrians

At the beginning of the thirties of the XX century, about twenty kilometers from the city of Beria (USA, Kentucky) on fossilized sandstone professor of geology Dr. Wilbur Burrow were discovered footprints of a person. Twelve tracks had a length of 23 centimeters and looked like someone had barefoot walked along wet sand, which subsequently froze and petrified. And according to geological standards, it was petrified no later than a quarter million years ago.

Trace impressions were skeptically and thoroughly analyzed. IN resulting photographs in infrared radiation and other methods studies have confirmed the authenticity of the artifact.

When locals found out about the discovery of mysterious traces, Burrow came to the laboratory a man who lived at the foot Appalachian, and invited the doctor to visit the nearby hills. There the native showed Burrow a place where similar prints were in a large number.

After a while, they found another group of similar tracks – in Missouri, near the town of Festus, on a pasture in mountain exposed rock.

In 1988, the Soviet magazine “Around the World” appeared message that in the Turkmen Kurgatan reserve also found similar prints 26 centimeters long. As scientists say, traces are at least 150 million years old.

Finds continued. In the late nineties of the XX century, one of such fossils in mountain calcareous rocks have been discovered Dr. Milos Esensky near the Slovak city of Martin.

Thus, it turns out that all the fingerprints discovered by scientists are genuine. Yes, and it’s hardly possible to fake so many tracks in various places and with a time interval of tens, hundreds of years. What is the point of this?

A photo from open sources

Not just barefoot …

In 1968, someone William Meister found in a rock, in fracture location (Utah, USA), two fairly clear prints from shoes, and their back with traces of heels was larger deepened – according to the distribution of severity while walking. The footprint of the shoe, most likely the sandals, is very clear: it’s good on it even large stitches of double thread are distinguishable (by the way, firmware so smooth, as if made on a modern typewriter), which this sole is stitched. The rock, in which at the fracture site a trace was imprinted, originated in the Cambrian period – this is how at least half a billion years ago.

There is an interesting detail, which among other things confirms the authenticity of this unique find. Sample of the breed in which an impression remains, contains petrified trilobites – marine arthropods similar to modern crustaceans. And with this one print indicates that the heel of the left sole ancient man stepped on trilobite and animal remains petrified, like the print itself. This is another proof. a striking fact given by nature itself.

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