Previously unknown ancestor of man found

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The discovery discovered by scientists, even more confused evolutionary theory of human development. The fact is that the most ancient human DNA sample that was recently obtained According to preliminary data, researchers are over 400 years old. millennia. This sample was obtained from the oldest femur bone. ancestor of the human race and perhaps belongs to himself the unexplored and mysterious ancestor of modern man. By preliminary data, a found instance of the femur belongs to hominid (lat. Hominidae). Hominids are the family of the most highly developed primates, among which are people and large apes. According to the existing theory it was from hominids that Homo sapiens originated. However, a number of scientists believes that the resulting DNA can belong absolutely unknown ancestor of man. Found fossils should shed light on the mysterious branch of human development, completely open recently, and received the name “Denisovsky man” by the name of Denisova Cave – the place where it was discovered fossils. It is believed that the Denisovsky man who inhabited territories from modern Siberia to southeast Asian region, is the closest relative of Neanderthals. Wherein Denisov’s genetic features are not well understood. Almost all modern people do not contain heritage in their genes Denisov’s man. Only the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea and Melanesian islands have in their DNA traces of Denisovans. And this despite the fact that the remains of the mysterious ancestor of modern people discovered in Altai. Scientists have established that Denisovans developed completely isolated, despite the fact that for its era it was extremely highly developed group. But what happened to Denisovsky afterwards, and to which species he belonged, to still remains a mystery. After all, DNA, first obtained from the remains Denisov’s man turned out to be unique. According to the head research group Mattias Meyer, one of Leading biologists of the Institute of Anthropology in Leipzig, found genetic material is a real breakthrough in science. After all, still a couple of years ago no one could even imagine what would appear an opportunity to study the genetics of fossils of human remains so ancient age. Until now, the oldest human DNA has been obtained from the remains of a Neanderthal man found in a cave on territory of Belgium. The age of this material did not exceed 100 thousand years. It should be noted that the underground cave located to the north from Madrid, where the oldest femur was discovered person is the largest place by the number of found human fossils. Moreover, the age of the detected samples, According to scientists, it can range from 125 to 780 thousand years. Whether the location of the bones was originally buried, or human fossils got there by accident, for example, with streams water, unknown.

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