Princess of Tisul – a find about which ordered to forget

Tisul princess - a find that is ordered to be forgottenA photo from open sources

There are no publications on the “Tisul Princess” in the scientific press. Official science does not want to discuss the Tisuli find, since the mere fact of detecting a person’s burial in the thickness of coal, whose age is in the millions of years, inexplicable. But silence does not mean that this discovery was not.

Village Rzhavchik, Tisulsky district of the Kemerovo region. September 1969

September 5, 1969 to the head of the coal mine Alexander Masalygin reported: miner Karnaukhov discovered in coal seam sarcophagus. Masalygin worked in coal mines not the first day I heard that sometimes miners find objects in the corner, which by definition should not be there.

Screw, chain, metal ball or any other item of artificial origin in a coal seam whose age in the millions of years – but this cannot be, because not maybe never! But among miners for decades, stories about unusual artifacts found in coal, and every miner is secret dreams of finding at least carnations. And then a whole sarcophagus!

Masalygin ordered to stop all work, raise the find with 70 meters deep to the surface and began to call the area, hurrying to report on an unusual find and asking to send someone as as soon as possible.

Autopsy of the sarcophagus

Meanwhile, workers came to an unusual find. Let’s go conversations: “Here come the city, they take everything for themselves. And to us, those who find, they will leave a shish yes kumysh and will not even tell what was inside. “Already someone dragged the crowbar and began to hammer the putty, to lift the lid.

It was not necessary to hammer for a long time. Under the influence of air and light putty has flowed. One of the extreme fans took a drop on his finger, licked and immediately spat out: “Muck.” (This turned out to be enough: a week later he began to have a mental disorder. Through half a year he already did not think at all and froze against his wall at home – could not find the door.)

Muzhikov was seized with excitement and ignoring the cries of his boss they lifted the lid and dropped it to the ground. Sigh of disappointment burst from the chest of the miners: gold and precious stones in there was no sarcophagus. And yet there was something to see.

sleeping Beauty

In the marble box (250X80X90cm wall thickness 15cm.) Lay a young woman of European appearance, 25-30 years old, 170-180cm tall. With big open eyes, she looked into the high sky. She was on a white lace dress just below the knees. The coffin was full a pinkish liquid resembling a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

A few hours later a helicopter flew in, from which they left tight-fitting young people in identical gray suits. They drove everyone away from the sarcophagus (contagious!) And rewrote everyone present. Then they loaded the find into a helicopter and flew away.

A few weeks later, a professor arrived from Rust Novosibirsk, who delivered an amazing lecture at a local club. It turned out that the “Tisul Princess” is several hundred million years old, the chemical composition of the liquid and fabric of clothing beautiful women scientists they cannot determine that an object was found in the coffin at the head unknown destination. That this find will turn science and soon in A huge newspaper will be published in the local newspaper.

The villagers only gasped and shook their heads. Next week they read the local press cover to cover looking for an article on Princess of Tisul. Article did appear but to the disappointment of the villagers it was a brief note that the village of Rzhavchik An interesting artifact was found that scientists are studying with interest.

And soon familiar young people in gray came to Rzhavchik costumes that explained that the professor is still that dreamer and the editor of the newspaper that printed this nonsense is already severely punished. Then they, together with the district policeman, went through all the houses and where money, and where are the threats (the district officer knew whom to intimidate with anything) seized all the numbers of the seditious newspaper.

Tisulsky district, 6 km from the village of Rzhavchik, the vicinity of the lake Berchikul, 1973

After 4 years, unexpected guests reappeared in the village. Now an entire expedition arrived in a group of specialists and several dozen workers. 6 km. from the location of the sarcophagus in the vicinity and on the islands of. Berchikul began large-scale excavations.

A photo from open sources

Section in the village of Rzhavchik

The villagers ate curiosity, but the excavation area was cordoned off soldiers. The officer paid a visit to the village council and asked the chairman to inform residents that anyone who tries to penetrate for the cordon, will have not just trouble, but very large troubles.

Once, several workers from the excavations looked into the Rust – the men were drunk and came for an extra portion of the strong. One of them let slip that three more sarcophagi were found.

The expedition worked all summer and part of the fall. After her left huge literally plowed territory. But this time no one in a hurry to tell the residents of Rust, what they found not far from them sat down. We will not soon find out about this.

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