Pterodactyls were unable to fly, widely spreading wings

Pterodactyls were unable to fly, spreading their wings wide.A photo from open sources

Researchers of the ancient extinct animals Kevin Padian (Kevin Padyan) and Armita Manafzadeh (Armita Manafzadeh) published the other day in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society (Biological section) an article claiming that pterodactyls could not fly like that as they are shown in many films, in science fiction films and etc. They were unable to spread their wings wide in a manner modern bats, say, bats, and with well-spaced paws (see photo).

As scientists write, take a familiar pose in flight pterosaurs could not because their joints simply did not had the flexibility to do so. Further in the article goes an explanation of how the researchers came to this conclusion. The thing is that soft tissues are not preserved and do not even petrify with time, and therefore the only material for studying dinosaurs are bones and postures in which death found this or that prehistoric animal. With pterosaurs, even the last is impossible, but because the previous reconstruction of the flying dinosaurs, most likely, were wrong.

American scientists come to the reconstruction of pterosaurs somewhat unconventional, using peeled bones for this quail (pterodactyls belong to the group of flying monsters, pretty closely related to modern birds like quail). Experience has shown that quail is not able to fly, like bats spreading their wings wide and spreading their legs as we accustomed to portray pterodactyls. From here, and the latter could not to do this.

A photo from open sources

By and large, the findings of Kevin Padian and Armita Manafzadeh claim a small revolution in paleontology because make you look a little differently and on all other reconstructions ancient animals that have become so familiar to us, but in fact – being false. That’s why the Jurassic Park movie isn’t more than a fairy tale, because if the DNA scientists had succeeded in reality restore dinosaurs, they would be completely other than we imagine them – both in form and in manner to move around, and even, obviously, according to his preferences in food …


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