Pyramids discovered twice as old in Russia egyptian

Pyramids discovered in Russia twice as old as Egyptian onesA photo from open sources

Pyramids found by archaeologists on the Kola Peninsula, prove the existence of ancient civilization in Russia. Apparently, this civilization is much older Egyptian.

Currently on the Kola Peninsula renewed archaeological site near the pyramids, which according to preliminary estimated at least twice older than Egyptian. Remains open the question is – who could build these structures? Researchers and scientists of different directions reached the peninsula, hoping to find an answer to this riddle. The last attempt to solve it was made researchers last year.

Scientists who have made an expedition to these places, believe that Kola Peninsula may be the ancestral home of the most ancient civilization on the ground. A strong argument for this hypothesis is the scientists pyramids and huge stone slabs created 9000-40000 years ago.

The famous scientist Vladimir Demin in 1997 was a member previous expedition to the Kola Peninsula. It is believed that he made the greatest contribution in finding an answer to the riddle of the peninsula. Demin could tell a lot about what he encountered during last expedition to the peninsula, but, unfortunately, immediately after the trip, the scientist suddenly died. Remaining after him the archives had to be dismantled with the help of his widow, and after the scientists had a decision was made to continue research.

Soon the third expedition to Kola was organized. peninsula. The path of the participants to the pyramids was much more dangerous than assumed earlier. Local residents did not want to show scientists the road, citing the retribution of the “ancestors.” First conductor directing a group of scientists went missing. Another was found conductor, since without it moss-covered buildings could be found impossible.

To study the terrain, scientists took with them a special device, GPR “Eye”, which like an X-ray shines through through any objects. Thanks to this device, scientists made the conclusion that the buildings are man-made, but not created by nature.

Interestingly, all the pyramids are positioned clearly in the direction to the east-west. It also turned out that the pyramids three times rebuilt by ancient people, each time increasing them into height.

Scientists are sure that the pyramids are accurate an observatory with which to explore starry sky. With the help of these buildings, ancient people watched galactic changes and studied outer space. By According to researchers, the ancient pyramids are very similar in shape to Mount Meru (“axis of the world”), mentioned in various mythologies and religious texts.

According to the analysis, at least 9,000 pyramids years, and this confirms that the culture of the pyramids was transferred from North. Which also suggests that the history of our country is leaving rooted in antiquity.

Earlier, ESOREITER talked about those discovered on Kola peninsula petroglyphs that turned out to be older than Egyptian the pyramids.

Andrey Vetrov

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