Pyramids in Russia on the Kola Peninsula

9000 years! The pyramids in this age were dated Murmansk region. On the expedition, scientists took a special device, the most modern geophysical equipment – GPR “Eye”. is he shines through the internal space of any objects, like an x-ray. The conclusion of geologists was unequivocal: the elevations are man-made nature, therefore, these are not natural hills, but pyramids – the creation of human hands. Pyramids in Russia on the Kola PeninsulaPhotos from open sources Expedition members: spokesperson Pulkovo Observatory, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Sergey Smirnov, professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Valery Chudinov, as well as professor, doctor of geological and geographical Sciences Dmitry Subetto. Photos from open sources Photos from open sources Scientists have found that the pyramids are clearly east-west. Moreover, they are thrice rebuilt: ancient people constantly built them in height. By its functional purpose, the pyramids are probably an observatory, allowing you to follow the starry sky. Simple enough methods a system was created by which our ancestors recorded galactic changes and studied space. In addition, the pyramids form reminiscent of the legendary Mount Meru, the “axis of the world”, which under different names mentioned in various mythologies and world religions. Photos from open sources Photos from open sources Analyzes showed that pyramids are like at least 9000 years. So behind our country is a story that rooted in the great antiquity of a great power. And these irrefutable evidence of cultural prehistoric civilization in our country stubbornly ignored by official historical science, which continues with schools teach that people in the past were half monkeys, and Slavs always been wild barbarians and gained knowledge only from the enlightened Of Europe. For this version of the story is supported by all branches today’s authorities … what to conceal – in most countries of the world, for the exception of backward African countries, where “backward” Africans do not thought of the fact that they came from monkeys … it’s just progressive and highly civilized Europeans could before think of it … Photos from open sources Photos from open sources

Pyramids Russia

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