Pyramids of Krasnoyarsk?

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The rows of megalithic masonry are visible here and there, any resident or a city guest, turning his face towards the Red Yar, without labor to distinguish these smooth rows of huge gray blocks. Everyone in Russia knows the Krasnoyarsk chapel – from the picture adorning banknote. Take the chervonets out of your pocket, unfold and admire. True, from the perspective in which the image of the turret is given, it’s hard to understand where it is located specifically. I will clarify: rises chapel of st. Martyrs Paraskeva Fridays on a cone-shaped pommel The guard mountain, which is now in the middle of the millionth the city of Krasnoyarsk. And once the top of the mountain served as an observant point at the Cossacks – there was a larch tent hut. Jail Krasny Yar (palisade of walls, towers with guns, church, huts, tower Voivode) was located below, at the foot of the mountain, on the banks of the Yenisei in the mouth of the river Kachi … There are therefore two names: who speaks, hill Sentry, and someone Chapel. And there is a version that on top of this a strange hill, many, many years before the appearance of the Cossack guard and after the Orthodox chapel, was the sanctuary of the unknown Siberian people. That in general this hill is not a hill at all, but an ancient one pyramid … This was discussed in one of my publications. With her, with newspaper page, and start the journey. Newspaper “Evening Krasnoyarsk “(1) 2005. I stand with my hand on a huge stone block. He’s almost my height, and although his edges crumbled and broken off, the block has the shape of an almost regular cube. The stone is not cold, heated by the sun, but to the touch resembles the usual concrete slab. A dozen of these blocks form an even row — they protrude from the ground, being like artificial masonry giant wall. Is Chapel Mountain hiding the remains the oldest building of a long-vanished mighty civilization? Krasnoyarsk chapel on the top of the mountain (pyramids. Rows of megalithic masonry can be seen here and there, any resident or guest of the city, turning his face towards the Red Yar, he can easily distinguish between these smooth rows of huge gray blocks. The rows go almost parallel, so that the mountain really looks like a giant pyramid that half buried in the ground. Of course, be like a pyramid and be a pyramid is not the same thing. Familiar geologists to whom I asked the question, pointing to the rows of stone blocks, answered without hesitation, that such rock outcrops have nothing to do with artificial masonry, and are the open edges of the stone bodies of the mountain. I did not argue, because the hypothesis of an artificial nature The hills seem absolutely fantastic. So this would remain “The mystery of the Red Yar” a fun April Fool’s tale, but caught me on the Internet materials about the Chinese pyramids. It turns out everyone famous Egyptian miracles from the Nile Valley in China have their fellow-in the central regions of the PRC in the middle of agricultural fields a few kilometers from the large city of Xian stand dozens of huge pyramidal structures! One of them has a height of about 60 meters, that is, only half the size of the the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. Long time european science I didn’t even suspect the existence of these pyramids, only in 1997 amateur archaeologist Hartwig Hausdorff managed to get agreement authorities and explore mysterious buildings. Plentifully Hausdorf placed an illustrated article about his journey on pages of an American magazine. However, in fact, information about Chinese pyramids appeared back in 1945 when one American pilot photographed pyramids on film, but academic science was not interested in reporting the military. And in 1960 New Zealander Bruce Kafi found the diaries of two Australian merchants, who visited the province of Shaanxi at the beginning of the century and described 16 pyramids – archaeologists also considered this information to be speculation. Finally, in March 1997, Hausdorf arrived in China – mysterious he discovered structures slightly west of Xianyang (a settlement of 30 miles from Xian). The pyramids were made of clay bricks, their slopes are overgrown with trees, so at first glance and not define their artificial character. However, the remains of the walls and murals testified to their ancient origin. According to researchers, these are the tombs of ancient Chinese emperors 2-3 a thousand years ago, but the PRC authorities have banned the excavation. When one of China’s leading archaeologists Professor Hia Nai asked why no one is doing content research pyramids, he replied: “This is a job for future generations.” And those time Dr. Hausdorf three or four miles from the “city pyramids “found another pyramid having a shape close to the pyramid Suns at Teutihuacan, northwest of Mexico City. He writes: “In most of the Chinese pyramids are similar to their Mesoamerican brothers. It is impossible not to notice that Who laid these blocks like that smooth? when the Mayan pyramids were discovered in the jungle of the peninsula Yucatan, they looked exactly like the Chinese. “Hausdorf shot 18 minute movie about the Chinese pyramids, and from now on the legend became a scientific sensation. This instructive story made think about me: maybe you should not trust geologists skeptics, but do you have to check everything yourself? And here is our little expedition armed with digital camera and hammer commits journey along the slope of the Krasnoyarsk pyramid. As you can see, the rocky the outcrops really look like the remains of ancient walls – vertical cracks come at amazing intervals, sharing monolith rocks on the right blocks. We took samples – maybe it’s petrified ancient concrete, similar to the one from which the pyramids are composed Egyptian? We were also interested in thin layers of black matter, some where covering the surface of the blocks, it looks like the remnants of a certain resin, which stones once held together. When the experts make an analysis, it will be possible to clearly answer the question: are these rows of huge stones are the remains of ancient walls. Nonetheless, being on the slope of Chapel Mountain, you know – a huge hill is not may be entirely artificial. Unless its very top, where Now stands the chapel of St. Martyrs Paraskeva Fridays. Elevation to the top of the hill is really somehow suspiciously smooth and pyramidal. It is no coincidence that this triangular silhouette with a turret and the chapel top became the graphic symbol of Krasnoyarsk. Crown mountains are a favorite observation platform, tourists come here, city ​​guests. On the Internet site “Places of power” unknown the author said that in ancient times there was the shrine is a shaman’s temple, and now here sosre366 microcollage – Chinese pyramids – energy center is dotted from the Net Krasnoyarsk. This, of course, is already from the realm of fantasy. However the Cossacks’ guard post was once here, and if so, then it can be assumed that in ancient times the mountain was located defensive fortifications of some Siberian civilizations. Place over Yenisei, attractive to the founder of the prison, the boyar The stones look like the remains of ancient walls – vertical cracks come with amazing periodicity, dividing the rock monolith into regular blocks and giving the impression of an artificially constructed circuit board (form. For She served Marina as a magnificent podium: “The view from above is better!” Andrei Dubensky, no doubt, could in prehistoric times attract other governor and urban planners. It is known, for example, that 2,500 years ago, the Tagar tribe settled from southern Minusinsk hollows far north – their burials are found in the area Krasnoyarsk. In addition to these Scythian blacksmiths and farmers, they lived once there were other powerful nations, on the hillside in the 20s of the last century, a treasure trove of silver items from the time of the Kyrgyz Kaganate. Exquisite jewelry of medieval beauties still stored in the funds of the museum of local lore. And what about the most ancient times! There is a version that in the era before the Flood (when a space catastrophe destroyed almost all life on the planet and caused glaciation) the climate was completely different – very warm – and many living creatures were then distinguished by gigantic growth. I read the works are very fantasy, they say, lived in the antediluvian era the giants with which the mammoth was at shoulder level – sort of like a bull to us or a cow. There are a couple of words in the Bible about these giants. some romantic amateurs attribute to mythical to the giants the creation of megalithic structures from huge stones – like Stonehenge, Arkaim and others that are found here and there on The earth. So there is a temptation to the remains of the walls on our Chapel grief ascribe to the same antediluvian giants. It, understandable speculation. It is much more likely that in our places there traces of the Aryans moving from the Indian Peninsula inland mainland, or the remnants of the civilization of the ancient Hyperboreans, about whom reported by Greek historians. One way or another, the land of Siberia hides many more secrets, and, as you know, maybe one of them lies at our side? P.S. When I already prepared the article for press, one acquaintance reported: “Twenty kilometers from Krasnoyarsk is a mountain – a very typical pyramid! “And Krasnoyarsk tourist, who visited Egypt, promised to give for Research piece of the Cheops pyramid, broken off “for memory.” I hope that we will be able to uncover the secret of the Red Yar and get to the bottom to the truth. Commentary by a specialist. Makarov Nikolay Polikarpovich, Head of the Department of Archeology and Ethnography Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, candidate of historical Sciences: -The hypothesis set forth in the materials of Pavel Poluyan it seems interesting – such versions are always exciting imagination. Nevertheless, from the point of view of archeology and geology, we we see here most likely not artificial walls, but stones natural origin. Such rocky outcrops are also found on Torgashinsky ridge, and in other places. However, Siberian sensations archeology can bring a lot. On the same guardhouse was rich Kyrgyz burial found – unique silver goblets and buckets, saddle decorations, weapons … In the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia from ancient times preserved parts of fortifications, like of the Chinese wall, – little-studied stone walls of the so-called Oglakhtinsky fortress system. But there the fortifications went in places requiring defense, not on the side of a mountain. Anyway need detailed archaeological research and excavations. Based on the book: Pavel Poluyan. UFO hunt. Whirlwinds in time

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