Pyramids remind of themselves

Pyramids remind of themselvesA photo from open sources

Most people will agree that the pyramids are alone. of the most mysterious structures on our planet. These cult places often play the role of more than just tombs, it’s something more. And confirmation of this can serve as discoveries made recently. Specialists recorded light emissions high power that emitted the tops of the pyramids. These rays were sent straight into space. And the strangest thing is that this happens all the time. Scientists are not yet can say what is the reason for such a sudden and rather strange revitalization. Also answer this question really very difficult because of the nature of the pyramids themselves little is known. Some experts say that Pyramids are ancient receivers and transmitters of information. And now this theory is gradually being confirmed. Most active Kukulkan pyramids that are located on Yutakan Peninsula, the pyramids of the Chinese Xi’an Valley, and Norte Chico culture pyramids located in the Andes. All these ancient temple buildings were erected at about the same time as the famous pyramids of Giza in Egypt. A large number of people watched as a powerful light pole came out of their peaks straight to the sky. And these are not just words, there are photos and video evidence. Something similar happened in Bosnia. There the pyramids of the sun emitted mysterious energy rays. This phenomenon caused a great resonance among local scientists, since it contradicts all physical laws. Scientists even put forward the hypothesis that the builders of the pyramid, no matter who they are were able to create a perpetual motion machine that works before our time. In addition, three chambers were found in the underground labyrinths. and a small blue lake. Dungeon Ionization Level 43 times higher than average, which gave researchers opportunity to suggest that these underground chambers are healing cameras. In 2011, an electromagnetic analysis that confirmed that tunnels have negative radiation equals zero. No radiation from technical objects, including those from power lines. All more experts are inclined to believe that such energy glows cannot be ignored; thorough research. The fact that the pyramids are awakening from a thousand-year-old dream, it’s unique, so you can’t ignore in no case. Moreover, such cases are not isolated, and observed over a wide area from Asia to South Africa. But mysterious glows – this is far from all. In the secret room of one of Egyptian pyramids allegedly discovered a small alien mummy creatures. And in the immediate vicinity was a room in which was placed the body of the Egyptian pharaoh Senusert II. Some time information about the amazing find carefully hid, but recently it has become available to the public. Moreover, there is documentary evidence that besides this body, others were discovered. Professor was the first to speak of the find Archeology from the University of Pennsylvania Victor Lubeck. By his According to the carefully mummified body of an alien was found in a separate, secret section of the pyramid. During research it became obvious that it was buried with all honors. Judging by the inscriptions on the wall, during the life of the deceased, were called Osirunet, which means “star,” and he was an adviser to the pharaoh. Lubeck suggested what is possible, he came from the planet Mars, where, as demonstrated pictures taken with the rover, there used to be water. Besides of the body itself, in the secret room some obscure objects whose origin and purpose are scientists cannot explain. Secret rooms were discovered in the pyramid. Cheops. So, according to the French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, in The Great Pyramid at Giza or the Great Pyramid of Cheops may well there are several secret rooms that no one previously did not know. The architect himself managed to find these secret rooms thanks to the 3D modeling program. He carefully studied everything data provided to him by an American explorer of Egypt BB Brier. After making the calculations, Wudin found that presumably these premises should be located in the center the pyramids. According to the assumptions of the architect, in these rooms should be the furniture that should have been used in of his afterlife, pharaoh Khufu, who is better known as Cheops. Assumption about the possibility of covert existence rooms arose due to the fact that such premises were discovered in the pyramid of Cheops father Snefru. Also quite it is likely that some elements of the previous project could be implemented during the construction of the Great Pyramid. In addition, according to According to Uden, the location of the blocks on the north wall of the tomb as would indicate that there might be a secret passage, leading to secret rooms. The archaeologist even held press conference, which honestly admitted that he really wants these secret rooms to find. Moreover, in March 2007 he also voiced a very interesting theory, according to which the construction The Great Pyramid did not take place by standards, but outward from the inside, beyond by using a special spiral ramp which was inside. The scientist even suggested testing his theory and send an expedition, which should include not only French architects, but also European experts. It was assumed that in the course of research, scientists will use infrared radiation, as well as radars and other technologies that cannot destroy matter. However, this expedition did not took place. Therefore, Canadian scientists who are interested Uden’s theory, there is a chance to find secret rooms and yourself conduct research. By the way, regarding how Egyptian Pyramids Built – American Scientist stated that he was able to answer this difficult question. It should be noted that until recently it was customary to consider that massive stone blocks that were used by the Egyptians in as the main building material, were carved from whole pieces of stone, and then they were dragged to the construction site the pyramids. Obviously, such a process required a huge the number of employees and simply inhuman efforts. But a professor at the University of Victoria Ken McKinsey doubts that the construction happened in this way. To check the correctness of his theory, the professor decided to conduct a study sample material that was taken from the Broken Pyramid. It is believed that it was built over 4.5 years ago. Mackinsey ground the sample to a powder state and studied it using a spectrometer using a powerful magnet. When a scientist untwisted a sample to 12 thousand revolutions per minute and divided it into individual elements, then it became possible to spend more thorough research of the material. Subatomic analysis the scientist was able to establish that the substance that the ancient the Egyptians used in the construction of the Broken Pyramid, was not at all a homogeneous stone, but consisted of several components, in fact, somewhat reminiscent of modern concrete. Currently managed to establish that the composition of ancient concrete included flint, limestone and water. McKinsey suggested that for the formation of flat cubes used wooden forms. Moreover, he did not rule out that after the blanks were formed, they succumbed post-processing. The scientist is confident that this composition could well claim the title of the oldest recipe concrete, which is known to mankind. And environmentalists say that such a mixture is much safer for nature, because modern cement dramatically affects the environment and leads to an increase in the greenhouse effect. Currently not to argue that this theory is the only correct one, since there are many other hypotheses and versions, including, and about the extraterrestrial origin of these places of worship. None of these hypotheses are not confirmed, but not refuted. Therefore, possible, some truth is present in each of them, and humanity still have to work hard and spend more than a dozen years, to solve the mystery of the pyramids.

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