Races and the history of mankind

Humanity exists in cycles. Our race is the 5th. By sources in Maya: beginning – 08.13.4111 BC. e., the end of d. -12/23/2012

Races and the history of mankindPhotos from open sources

  1. I Race – angel-like people. Ethereal (Astral) Body (looked like luminous ethereal forms of moonlight). Growth to 40 – 50 m (173 feet?). Their shells were wave nature, they were one-eyed, the function of the eye was performed by the likeness of the “third eye”; propagated by budding

  2. II Race – ghostlike people. “Then-born.” Denser than race I, but still astral. Growth up to 30-40 m (60 feet?). One-eyed, communicating through the transmission of thoughts; were golden yellow, propagated by budding

  3. III Race – Lemurians. The first physical race (last offspring captured on Easter Island). 20 to 25 feet? Happened sex division

    • Early: Growth up to 20 m. Two-faced and four-armed: two eyes in front (physical vision), the “third eye” – from behind (spiritual vision). Two hands “served” the front of the body, two hands – the back. They were golden in color and communicated through telepathy

    • Late, or lemuro-atlantes: the most highly developed people on Earth, with the highest level of technology. Growth to 7 – 8 m. Were two-eyed and two-armed. “Third Eye” inside the skull, skin color yellow or red, monosyllabic speech

  4. IV Race – Atlanteans. They had two physical eyes in front, the “third eye” was deeply hidden inside the skull, but well functioned. Growth up to 3 – 4 m, had highly developed speech. Knowledge received by connecting to the General Information Field, possessed remote hypnosis, due to the “third eye” they could affect gravity, built aircraft

  5. V Race – Aryans (modern people). Arose at late Atlantis, the function of the “third eye” disappeared and the connection with Universal information field

(by E.R. Muldashev and E.P. Blavatsky)

Nostradamus wrote that the people of the previous civilization whom he called atlantes, owned by the “third eye” bioenergetic effects on gravity, so they could easily carry huge stone blocks in space, built from them pyramids and other stone monuments

Types of people (modern)

  • Type I (Celtic). It includes about 2% of the population Central Europe. Characteristic for him: very bright, pinkish-white skin, a lot of freckles, blond or reddish hair, blue, light gray, light green eyes.

  • Type II (fair-skinned European). It includes about 12% residents of Central Europe. Characteristic for him: fair skin, rare freckles, blue, gray, green eyes. Hair color – from light blond to light brown.

  • Type III (black, European). 78% belong to it. the population of Central Europe. It has dark skin lack of freckles. Hair color varies from dark blond brown hair, eyes hazel

  • Type IV (Mediterranean). It includes about 8% of residents Central Europe, which have a fairly dark skin tone, dark hair and eyes.

Gravity Pyramids

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