Ramses III became a victim of conspirators

Scientists have revealed the secret of the death of the last prominent ruler Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom Period Photos from open sources A thorough inspection and genetic a study of two mummies found in the tomb of Ramses III, allowed scientists led by the former Minister of Antiquities of Egypt – Zahi Hawass conclude that the alleged cause of death Pharaoh who ruled Egypt in 1185-1153 BC, there was a murder. A long-standing version of Egyptologists that Ramses III became a victim palace coup, which was contained in one of the ancient papyrus, apparently, received confirmation. X-ray discovered the pharaoh’s mummy has a cut wound on his neck, right under the larynx. Her dimensions indicate that death was immediate. Between that of the papyrus, which describes the palace coup, is not it is very clear whether the ruler survived or died. Ramsesu obviously cut the throat. The organizer of the murder was most likely a son. Pharaoh Pentaur, who did not have the right to the throne, and one of Ramses’ wives and the mother of Pentaura – Teie, who dreamed of making her son the ruler of the ancient Of Egypt. In addition to the mummy of the pharaoh himself, in the tomb of Ramses III was also found the mummy of a young man. Gene analysis testifies that these were close relatives and that next to Pharaoh lies his son Pentaur. Son of Ramses, USA Today writes with a reference to BMJ magazine, apparently strangled.

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