Remains of a “different” person

RemainsPhotos from open sources On the remains of the “other” found in the territory of the Republic of South Africa of a person, that is, according to a genotype that does not resemble living people The earth. This finding confirms the theory that at one time on the planet different humanoid coexisted. Or maybe they exist before so far.

The remains of a man who died around the fourth century before AD, American anthropologists from the famous Harvard University. Examination of bones showed not only the age of the skeleton, but also the genotype of the oldest person found, and this genotype was unique.

Recall that we come from the “mitochondrial Eve” (conditional name) and we have a common set of genes for all earthlings. Found same a man, as scientists suggest (according to David Reich), refers to the more ancient form of homo sapiens, it is most likely is a man who existed even before the separation of homo sapiens into different branches, and this division occurred no later than one hundred fifty thousand years ago.

The publication of The New Scientist that published this post is not clarifies what kind of response in the scientific world this find made. It seems that we have yet to find out this soon, because scientists do not like to change their former beliefs. For example, today there is already enough evidence that man has existed for a long time until the time period determined by him for “official submissions” about evolution, however in schools still children are hammered into their heads almost obsolete “truths”. And nobody cares especially …

A photo from open sources

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