Reptilians guard the Ural secret

Amazing events happened to me today in a dream. Can someone come in handy? I give a free idea for the script action movie in the style of “Fantasy”. It was not conscious. a dream, it was just a dream. I wouldn’t even talk about him, but it’s painfully bright, intriguing plot can be built on it basis. The dream itself was so vivid and real that when I woke up, I breathed a sigh of relief: – “Ufff … Well, it’s all just a dream!” First, I drove for a long time behind the wheel of a minibus, and I arrived, finally to Yekaterinburg. There he began to question the way from passers-by, and they are all so well-groomed, beautiful, everyone recommends staying with them and take a break. When something happened on the road, I don’t remember whether it’s an accident or something’s just broken, I’m still accepted the invitation of some students. They led me to a big store, we did some shopping, a trifle for study, I’m all on the map Yekaterinburg province was looking for. It turned out that among themselves people they speak a language that I couldn’t determine. It is very similar not Estonian or Finnish, but certainly not them. I asked about this tall blond in a white jacket, he answered me that they study at an exchange university. From where, so I did not understand. Later I was taken to a hostel, where they began to question me about goals my arrival. I replied that I was looking for the city of Revda, there I have a senior brother lives, but I have never been at his place. Started to worry because of a minibus thrown on the road, but the students convinced me there’s nothing to worry about. However, I noticed that I have disappeared a wallet, and then a brunette of such a very bright appearance became loud as if to sing to me about the difficulties with time. In this case, – would dance, drove her arms, shoulders, depicting a wave. To me it seemed that she was just mocking me, as with a child appeals, but she said amazing things. She knew everything with I happened on the road from the west to Yekaterinburg, and pointed to a strangeness that for some reason I myself have not noticed! I don’t even surprised and did not alert that the road took less than a day, but it impossible! You cannot drive 2500km without an overnight stay. But I remember exactly that Checked out at eleven in the morning, at dawn already drove into the city! And here I suddenly saw something that shocked me so much in this dream. Girl rose to the level of the window, behind which the headlights of rare cars sparkled, passing through the streets of night Ekaterinburg. When the light is off xenon headlights fell on the back of the head of a girl, she winced as if in pain, obviously physically felt the light falling on the back of her head. Later some car stopped with the headlights on, and the light stopped on the girl’s head. Suddenly she began to become translucent, and a contour appeared under the guise of a man a real pangolin! Girl’s voice began to get thinner and thinner until it turned into a “bell” resembling voices characters of Soviet cartoons. She began to rise above chair, and in the light of the xenon headlights standing in the courtyard of the car, I clearly saw the translucent outline of the human body, and inside him an ugly lizard, with small short front legs, and long, thin legs. The entire body of the lizard occupied growth not more than one quarter of the growth of the human body. Having read, by the expression on my face that I understood who I contacted, the girl’s body together with the lizard turned around, and realized that her (him) had been issued by the overlay opposite light fluxes from a usual table paw in front and rear xenon headlights. What happened next – I don’t know, I remember just that I managed to get very scared. But somehow I ended up in Revda. I didn’t see my brother, but his wife, after hearing my the story told me that there is no big trouble from the dinosaurs. About them everyone knows existence. They have been living in the Urals for a long time, and their task to protect something that can only be found when humanity will mature before possessing this knowledge. When I woke up, immediately remembered the tale of Pavel Bazhov “Mistress of copper mountains. “I looked at the pictures from the movie, and here in this photo is a girl from of my sleep very much reminds the Mistress … Reptilians guard the Ural secretPhoto from open sources kadykchanskiy


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