Reptoids are the first intelligent race on Earth.

A photo from open sources

Man calls himself the “crown of creation” and is used to considering the whole history of the Earth as a prologue to its appearance on it. And between several hundred thousand years of human existence, it’s not even an instant in the multi-billion dollar history of our planet. Scraps of the Ancients knowledge, the remains of megalithic structures, myths and legends invariably push us to think about the existence of a once highly developed civilization. And for some reason, it is invariably assumed that the creator her was naturally a man. But for several hundred billion years nature (or God) could well have tried other ways of creating intelligent creatures, such as reptiles. The era of dinosaurs has begun 250 million years ago. 175 million years ago, the lizards were masters of the planet. Among the huge number of their varieties, scientists distinguish stenichosaurus moving on its hind legs. His forepaws had a finger opposed to the rest, which allowed to do grasping movements. The brain was located in the skull not much inferior in volume to the human. Photos from open sources

Canadian scientist Dale Russell believes that in the process of evolution stenonychosaurus could well become a step towards the appearance of a humanoid. it was a rational, cold-blooded creature with scaly skin, carrying and hatching eggs. It was to the representative of this race that he could belong to the famous “Sealand skull” found in 2007 in Denmark. Scientists call this race “reptoids.” Where did it go lizards civilization? Earth in its history has repeatedly experienced terrible disasters. During the so-called Permian extinction disappeared before 90% of all handicap and fauna on the planet. Apparently, during one of these disasters and civilization of reptoids perished. Therefore never solve the riddles of the Egyptian pyramids, megaliths of Mexico and Peru, because we are looking for answers based on human logic, but among the lizards thinking was completely different, we do not understand. Photos from open sources

Some facts (images, traditions) give reason suggest that reptoids could have survived the catastrophe, death their civilization and even meet “homo sapiens”. Alas, the meeting did not become a joy to anyone. Legends and myths of all nations describe lizards as being uniquely hostile to humanity, talk about the implacable struggle of man with dragons. Endangered, as a species, lizards were finished off by man. Two reasonable there was no place for races on the planet. However, there are other versions ending civilizations of the dinosaurs. In one of them, the reptoids reached the level of technological development that allowed them to leave inhospitable planet. From afar they follow us, occasionally visit, and wait for the right moment to return. On the other – Reptoids still live among us, successfully mimicking people. They are the true masters of the Earth, determine and direct the development of mankind according to a scenario known only to them. But let’s hope that this is just the fruit of the violent imagination of people with an unhealthy psyche.

Peru Time Reptilians

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