Reptoids are the very first intelligent race on The earth

Reptoids are the very first intelligent race on EarthA photo from open sources One alien race or ancient civilization before the appearance of man can be called as reptoids. different in that they have scaly skin like crocodiles, snakes in general, like all reptiles. The torso is folded, their claws are on legs and arms. Their eyes glow green and yellow by the light. Reptoids differ from other aliens in a particular cruelty, and violence against the human race, even sexual contacts with people.

Reptoids are compared with Satan himself or his army, there are evidence that from the pronunciation of the name of Christ himself they causes a caustic reaction. Scientists who study the Bible in dense claim that the New Testament reptoys are a type of the devil and appear in the form of a snake tempting the first people.

A photo from open sources Reptoids are genetically similar to reptiles and belong to the advanced race, in people they see brainless cattle and treat them very negatively and considering people an inferior race. They consider planet Earth their ancient home and when they return gain control of the entire planet. And their planet where they live already not suitable to support life on it, well, they are looking for another planet for living. Some people think that reptoids serve Gray.

Nowadays, more is considered about the ancient highly developed civilizations when there wasn’t or just started to emerge mammals on Earth are such mysteries and secrets of history. One race aliens or ancient civilization before the advent of man can called as reptoids. They differ in that they have scaly skin such as crocodiles, snakes in general, like all reptiles. And all this it became known during excavations, paleontologists found parts of the skeleton stenichosaurus, its height was about one and a half meters. Pangolin moved on the hind limbs (legs), and his front limbs (arms) were very dexterous, especially well developed thumb grip. And most importantly, he had a big skull box, a chimpanzee brain could fit easily in it. At lizard was well developed medulla oblongata and cerebellum just like person. They developed a unique strategy for hunting, which means could think, evaluate, understand.

About a hundred million years ago, such lizards lived, and they are a little look like a person.

One of the first stages in intelligent life includes such a thing as cinnatus, it belonged to the warm-blooded (in one stenichiosaurus a four-chamber petrified heart was found such as in humans and all warm-blooded animals.)

In a word, we can say that there are all the facts for existence intelligent dinosaurs at the time. There are opinions that this is impossible, that there was once a highly developed race of intelligent dinosaurs ( reptoids or reptiloids) Well, this can be said about people that they allegedly came from mammals. Of course imagine

intelligent dinosaurs with human traits are mistaken about themselves representations of society.

In myths there are mentions of snake-like creatures of the reptoid type. For example, in Mayan civilization, “serpents of wisdom” were highly revered as the god Kukumats and the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Hopi Indians Have legends about the Shetie snakes that were brothers they lived underground. IN myths of India told about the “naga” reptoid inhabitants who lived underground. There are some versions about reptoys that they lived in The pacific ocean on the continent that sank. The ancient Greeks in Athens was the first legendary ruler under the name of Kekrop, for one half a man and the second snake. Western European art in the middle ages depicted a snake of the biblical type, like a lizard reptoid type in the form of a woman with a tail.

In the nineties, much more was said about reptoys and raised this topic for general viewing by the public. One of the daredevils John Rode began to argue that dinosaurs did not actually become extinct, but according to him, they evolved into the so-called race of lizards, and they how werewolves hid among people, living a mystery without impersonating what and what do they control the world government order through secret organizations such as the well-known Illuminati. A David Ike gave an even more incredible version and announced that the whole royal british family and former us presidents bill clinton and George W. Bush, all are actually reptoys flown from the stars to Earth from the Dragon system. In the end case some top officials began to call the US government “minions lysardoids. ”

And most importantly about reptoys, that we all think that people are the most the first intelligent civilization in the world to exist on Earth, well, on in fact, everything is not so and as the ancients said that the first intelligent civilization were dragons.

A photo from open sources

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