Researcher found a pyramid under the ice Antarctica

The researcher found a pyramid under the ice of AntarcticaPhoto from open sources

Maps made by orbiting satellites have long been one of the main tools used by search engines. everyday they explore the surface of the earth, making more and more unusual finds and sharing them on the web.

So another discovery was made in Antarctica, which an inquiring seeker called the pyramid. At least he believes that the discovered object has the outlines of a pyramidal structure, which hides under a centuries-old thick layer of snow.

A photo from open sources

According to virtual archaeologist Graham Milson, this artifact located very far from research stations, and that this building is not a so-called remake. Moreover, he believes that this “pyramid” is as old as our civilization.

A photo from open sources

That this structure can be a natural formation, virtual archaeologist rules out since this subglacial mountain has pretty clear outlines. According to the researcher, this object may be older than the Egyptian pyramids, but to find out, you must go to Antarctica and see for yourself.

If we accept the researcher’s theory of the man-made pyramid, then a number of questions arise: who could build these pyramids, and what kind of did civilization possess such technology? Ancient peoples who we know according to official data could not build these facilities.

Andrey Vetrov

Antarctica Pyramids

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